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Everything you need to know about Robots

Today we are living in a digital era where new technologies are coming up every day. As a matter of fact, the techno future is promising us a lot of amazing discoveries. Today, robots can be developed to take human actions and ease work in the industrial world. If you have ever seen the appollo command module or the Tianhe-1A computer, then you can understand where we are going. 

In the near future, we may be in the robotic era where these robots will complete all the tasks. With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and some applications such as Siri and Alexa, we have already passed most assessments before we graduate with robots. 

With so much coming up each day in the robotic world, there’s need to be versed with some of the news and information about the same. In this brief, we are going to give you comprehensive information about Robots. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot to know about robots and hence you should be up to date. Read more on this page about robots. 

What is a Robot?

If you were asked to take your time and visualize about a robot, what will you see? In most cases, you will see a machine that resembles human being or even an animal. Someone else will visualize a machine of any shape that can take on some duties as commanded. Regardless of what you see, you are right as long as you visualize a machine that can perform some simple and other complex tasks like fetching things, pressing buttons, cleaning or making things. A robot is a machine that is programmable by a computer to take human actions and can as well carry complex series of actions as commanded. 

How do robots learn to do things? 

You may even wonder how a robot, a machine, something without mind, heart or even feelings can take on some complex tasks. These machines are capable of doing whatever task they are commanded to do simply because they are programed beforehand to carry those tasks. They are fed with data that usually guide them along the way. In this era where computers are doing almost everything with the capability of thinking like humans, you can expect that they can guide robots with ease to take some tasks. 

Some robots are programmed to perform a particular task while others are programmed to take on multiple tasks. In simple terms, all robots are built with a program that gives them the ability to think. They will not think independently because a human being should be somewhere in the picture to command it and eventually guide the robot along. 

How are robots made? 

The functionality of these machines keeps many wondering how they are made. Do they have feelings like human beings, can they see, can they even have emotions or even sensitivity to heat and other external factors? You may wonder. Unlike human beings robots are either made of plastic or metal. This means they cannot feel pain or even have emotions like human beings unless they are fitted with man-made sensors. 

Furthermore, robots are made of three parts which includes the controller, mechanical parts and the sensors. The controller is a computer program with all the data to command the robot. Its actually the part of the robot that tells it to take actions. It’s like the human brain. 

The mechanical parts which include the motors, the grippers and the wheels are the parts that help the robot to move and take action. This is the part of the robot that needs a lot of energy. Just like a human being needs energy to move and take actions, the mechanical part of a robot is powered either by electricity or fuel. 

Lastly, the sensors are parts of the robot that helps it to judge the surrounding. It can sense both the external and the internal changes which can as well allow the machine determine the size, direction and eventually the objects along the way. The sensors also help the machine get some insights about the pressure which later makes it grab objects without damaging it. 

How robots work

The functionality of these machines is a combined effort of all the parts described above. The robot works with the help of an inbuilt computer program and sensors. The program is the better part of the machine that decides what tasks the robot will take. It also guides the robot on how to take those tasks. After the program helps the machine think, the sensors will help it perceive and sense the external factors in the working area and it will work accordingly. 

The mechanical part of this machine should also be ready to take the actions. This is the part that actually makes the machine work or even take the physical actions you see them taking. 

In most robots, there are mainly two types of sensors which are the sensors sensing the external factors and those others sensing the internal factors of a robot. The sensors are actually the same as human sensors and they are made to work the same way. 

Where are robots highly in use/Robot Applications?

Robots have been very popular and more and more sectors are adopting their use. Here are some applications of robots. 


Now there are some robots such as cyber-pets which are used in colleges to help students learn and ease the work of their instructors. One of the most renowned work in this case is the ‘’Enter Engkey’’ that was developed by South Korea. This robot helps students learn English. 

Exploring outer space

With robots, it’s now very easy to tour the outer space. Some robots are also used in the AI-based support systems for scientific experiments. 

Smart driving

It’s now easier to drive with reduced efforts. Robots are used in the field of mobility where you can now drive and pack your vehicle with help of this technology. 


Hospitals are also adopting robots to diagnose and help treat certain illnesses. Robots are also used in some hospitals to deliver drugs or even take some simple tasks.