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What Is Paint By Numbers

You’ve probably heard of paint by numbers. Be it from when you used to play with it as kids or that a friend recommended you to try it out! You know it’s painting and it has numbers in it, but are you confused about what exactly it is?

Want to find out? Then keep reading!

About Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers is an art canvas made up of different shapes each marked with numbers that corresponds to a color. Some people think it's uncreative and simple. But there’s a lot more to paint

by numbers then people think!

Paint by number allows everyone, no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, to create a beautiful work of art. Plus, it’s super helpful in understanding how painting works, starting with the smaller objects of a much bigger picture.

You learn how to correctly shade your drawings and how to effectively blend colors and give your painting the stunning finishing touches it needs.

Apart from honing your skills, paint by numbers is a great tutorial for beginners and helps in relieving stress. It is also a great pass-time especially if you enjoy painting --- it’s a fun way to spend your time!

With numbers marking the areas to be painted, not only adults, but children can also easily work on them!

History of Paint by Numbers

Developed in 1950 by Max Klein, engineer and owner of the Palmer Paint in Michigan, these kits were co-created with commercial artist Dan Robbins.

Each kit was first painted by Robbins as an original artwork, then outlined on a plastic sheet to mark areas for each color. Numbers were given to each area with their corresponding colors and then sold out.

In 1951 Palmer Paint introduced the Craft Master paint kit box. They sold over 12 million kits and companies started producing their own paint by number version kits.

In May of 2011, Dan Robbins along with Palmer Paint Products developed special 60th anniversary paint by number sets. This collectors set was created in memory of the survivors and those who lost their lives on 11th September 2001.

By giving everyone a chance to create something beautiful and creative. Paint by numbers attracted a lot of customers and easily became popular among the public.

Has all this interesting talk about paint by number made you curious? Do you want to know what you can generally find in your Paint by number kits?

Wait no more! And read further.

Paint By Numbers Kits

Paint by numbers kits come packed with a pre-printed board or canvas. The picture to be painted has light markings to indicate the area that has to be painted. Each area has numbers on it indicating the corresponding color.

Based on the kit you selected; you can choose to either get pre-mixed oil paints or non-toxic acrylic and even watercolors! Moreover, they include paintbrushes that work best for your selected painting and promise excellency.

With vibrant colors and efficient brushes, you can create your very own masterpiece!

There’s a wide array of pictures you can choose from. They vary from fascinating animal paintings for children to complex yet stunning sceneries for adults. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these easy-to-use kits with clear and simplistic instructions are sure to bring your inner artist alive!

Additionally, not only are they available on canvas boards, they can even be found on transparency film or foil paper mounted on cardboard. They are even available for murals, fabric design, furniture decoration, and window murals.

Paint by numbers kits are an excellent way to improve your art skills as well as good for your mental health.