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Plumbing Fixture Buying Tips to Save Water

Your water bill maybe something that you don’t notice too often. You may not care how much it costs month in and month out, because admit it, the amount is relatively small compared to your ‘other’ bills. In this post, we will encourage you to conserve water, not to lower your bill, but to increase your contribution to the salvation of our environment. Having a plumbing problem is never easy to deal with. But fortunately, Cary plumbing professionals are always here to fix your issues.

Climate change has been a hot issue for the past few years, thanks to Greta Thunberg, we are forced to care about the environment as adults. If someone as young as her educates herself about the condition of the planet and does something about it, we should too.

So before we go all melodramatic, let’s talk about the simple things that you can do to conserve water, and help the environment as a consequence.



Install a pressure reducing valve

If you have not heard of the PRV or the pressure reducing device, it’s about time you learn about it. This is something that any homeowner can install in her water supply system in order to manipulate the pressure that comes into his or her plumbing fixtures. You can hire a plumbing installer from In a nutshell, a pressure reducing valve is designed to be attachable to the main water source in order to increase or decrease the water pressure in all your water outlets at home. This includes your faucet and shower, among others.

Performance Shower Heads

Speaking of shower heads, instad of just focusing on the looks - the color, the shape, and size - of a shower head when you’re shopping for one, consider the flow rate of water that goes out of theis plumbing fixture. If you want to be responsible with water usage, you can choose a shower head that releases a lower amount of water at a time. This is measured by GPM or gallons per minute. Normally, a shower head’s GPM play around 2 GPM while a water-efficient one has a GPM of 1.75. Consider choosing a shower head with a GPM that is lower than 2 and you’ll be more

Water Efficient Washing Machine

If you are one of those who cannot leave their dirty clothes to the care of a laundry shop, you can benefit from this advice. Instead of just looking into the load capacity of the washing machine, check the amount of water that it consumes per washing cycle. Some washing machines use up to 50 gallons per wash, which is far above the gallons per cycle consumption of a water-efficient machine. You can find models that use under 23 gallons but the most efficient ones consume only 15 gallons per cycle. The lower the number, the more water-efficient it is.


Water-saving Faucets

Even your faucet choice can help you save the environment. An ordinary faucet uses up to 2.2 gallons of water per minute. Therefore, aim for one with a lower cosumption next time you will shop for a new faucet.

Imagine if all homeowners and business owners choose water-efficient plumbing fixtures for their properties. This can help people