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Best applications for maintaining health

Each of us wants to live a little longer even though we are unaware of the limit. In digital world we always criticize its incompetency for not helping people to maintain a good lifestyle. Which counts on your diet, routine and sleep hygiene.

I have been gaining weight, and without any doubt this was because of sheer lethargy dn I am not going to blame anyone else but me and my mobile phone. I know most of you hate themselves because they are stuck in their mobile phone screens, even though deep down they want to get up and change their lifestyles.

Many software developers have got this idea and thus they created applications which can help the people, for getting a healthy life you can also consider some sleep habits for sleeping better, ultimately improving your health . I have done a bit of research, well of you call it a research, I have been downloading various applications in my mobile phone and have tested almost 5 applications in my phone, most of them are not exposed and my friends including me did not know about them, may be they had a low PR.

All of them helped me in designing a timetable, for my meals, exercise and water intake schedule. This is a compulsory feature, some of them has very upgraded features which you may think are quite appealing for a beginner.

1. Aaptiv

If you are unable to afford a fitness trainer, then you must switch to Aapptiv, which is your virtual gym trainer and you can rely on it.  

It has got 2500 sessions, which can be followed for a perfect body. You are not bounded to go to gym at a certain time.

Not only this they have also got 15 personal trainers, who will upload various training videos every week. This can be a one to one, understanding of your body and the posture you need to follow.

2. Headspace

This is for beginners and it is free for the first ten days, the fee you will be asked to pay afterwards is not much and students can also avail it without any issues at all. It was almost 100 dollars per year.

It is a customizable application; you can plan schedule according to your office routine. It has got hundred themed sessions which means that you can choose any of the exercise format which suits you.

For instance, if you want to start exercising fro the belly blot, then you can follow a certain theme, which will continue for a week or two.

3. Runtastic

If you are lazy lad, but still you want to have a running schedule in your busy day. You ought to download this application.

You can set your own workout goal, which will remind you when you must go out for a walk. The best part is you can listen to some power songs while running. While running you will need certain rest periods which can not be neglected, this application will allow you to have those periods set as well.

4. Playbook

If you have got a special social media trainer, with whom you want to exercise, or want to keep yourself updated with the trainer’s schedule then you can have this application.

It will connect your schedule with one of your favorite trainers on social media and then you can follow him religiously.

Not only this, you can share your own videos as well. when you feel that it is time to serve people, you can create your own identity as a trainer. Lastly, it will provide you some analysis of your report which is quite effective for understanding your progress.

5. My fitness pals

Have you ever bumped into a person who is very diet conscious and always advises you to take good care of your diet? Fitness pal is a virtual version of those friends.

It will count your calories, well of course you will have to be honest about your routine and diet. You can add your favorite food, and the application will calculate the calories per meal.

Not only this at the end of the day you can check the total calories minus the burnt one. This can be helpful for people who are having diseases like high cholesterol and blood pressure.