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Easter holiday in Costa Brava

Planning for your next holiday for Easter and live the Easter traditions? Then the location Costa Brava is for you. Easter as we all know, is widely celebrated by the Catholics and Spain has the most deeply rooted religious and festive traditions of Easter. It is the day where passion, death and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is commemorated.

Costa Brava is known for its sunny coastline. It is also the place for you to explore centuries or art, history and culture.

Planning your holiday to Costa Brava would be the ideal choice as they will have many activities lined up during this period. You can look forward to the customs and classic festive. Girona is one of the towns where many tends to visit as it potrays a part of their very rich history culture. The Manaies is one of the traditions highlights. You can expect to witness processions which begin on Holy Wednesday. Manaies can be seen walking slowly and strike with spears on the ground. The procession is accompanied by music, drum and fire. In Besalu, you will be able to experience a spiritual event called The Dolores procession.

The Via Crucis in Sant Hilari Sacalm is a celebration where it potrays the different stages lived by Jesus from the moment he was apprehended until his crucifixion and burial. This celebration begins with the Poncio Pilato’s Juico in the church’s plaza and marches through the streets. 

 In Verges, the town celebrates Easter differently. The celebration is called Maundy Thursday. It is  a parade which includes la dansa de la mort.It is one of the famous events. It is also known as the dance of death. Usually there would be five skeletons, forming a cross, dancing to the beat of the drum, depiciting a story of death. It is to remind Christians of the short line of earthly enjoyment. Those who dance carries different symbols of death. It is held on Holy Thursday, starting from 5pm and ends at 10pm. A shorter and similar performance is also held for the children in the afternoon of Easter Sunday.

Once you have enough of the Easter mood, you can continue experiencing Costa Brava’s beauty and uniqueness by  visiting the winding streets of Girona, indulge in the seafood goodness on the beach in Cadaqués, do kayaking with your family along the coast and taking a swim in the sea lanes. If you are a big fan of flora and fauna, do not miss visiting The Cap Roig Botanial Gardens. It is located between the towns of Palafrugell and Mont-ras. You would be able to immerse yourself in nature, art, enriched culture and history. This is also the place where you can have your picturesque moment captured.

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Before you end your holiday mood, be sure to go for wine tasting along The Empordà Wine Route. The only place in Costa Brava where you can experience the vine covered landscape halfway between the sea and the mountains, located near the Cap de Creus Natural Park.