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Services by Haqqi Tours

Haqqi Tours provide you with the best services ever. This is the only reason that mostly the customers give us five stars’ excellence. Our hotels are the best in the world. We have many customers who choose Haqqi tours by the recommendation of their friends or families. This is a fantastic agency with excellent guides. This travel agency is terrific with high accuracy and timing.

Services provided by Haqqi Tours:

We offer you two types of services.

Daily rent services

Hair transplant services

Daily Rent Services:

Haqqi tours also introduced regular apartments for rent in Istanbul. Keep this thing in mind that these are regular rent apartments not monthly. The rent starts from 40 USD depending on the type of apartments.

If you want a fantastic tour with our travel agency, then we are also offering great apartments and private rooms in Istanbul. You can book private room accommodation in Istanbul with the Haqqi travel agency.

Living in Istanbul apartments is a great experience, according to many clients and customers. We are available all the time for support and to facilitate all the requirements offered to clients.

Our clients are so satisfied with our services that they use our services again and again.

Hair Transplant Services:

Haqqi Tours is also offering hair transplant services where the clients are delighted and happy. As we all know, hair loss is a problem for many people, especially when they're going towards aging. Turkey is the leading country for hair transplant where you can find many popular destinations for hair transplant surgery.

The doctors in Turkey are very famous and experienced and also supported by the Turkish government. The hair transplant from Turkey is 100% guaranteed. We also provide you with an eyebrow transplant and chin implant in Turkey. Liposuction is also very famous where you can lose pounds of weight in a short period. So Haqqi tours are providing you with different plans.

Plans by Haqqi Tours:

We are offering three types of plans.

Economy plan

Basic plan

Full plan

Economy plan:

In the economy plan, there is operation only with anesthesia and up to 5,000 grafts. Also, transportation is involved in the economy plan. This plan is of 800 USD.

Basic Plan:

The basic plan is 1000 USD. In this plan, four Star hotels are available with operation, anesthesia and upto 5000 graft. Similarly, Haqqi tours offer transportations.

Full Plan:

The price of an Airplane is 1200 USD. The transportation is involved with a five-star hotel stay. On the other side, an operation with anesthesia and upto 5000 graft is available.