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Top 7 Ways To Boost Technical SEO And Rank Higher

Stuffing keywords in your content are fine, but what about technical SEO? It makes website owners confused about search engine optimization. That is why every website owner wants to buy technical SEO packages. Because we all know that technical SEO is really important.


On-page or basic SEO tricks are not enough to rank your site higher on SERPs. So it is always important to look for some technical SEO packages. But you can also tweak your technical SEO with these simple tricks. Here are the 7 top ways to boost technical SEO to rank higher.


#1. Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit is very important. You can ask some digital marketing agencies to do this for you. Because they have teams, they will do it without any hassle. However, doing it on your own is a messy task. It generates reports about the technical SEO health of your site. With such reports, you can easily make changes.


See Updates

Your technical SEO audit must be conducted with updates from search engines. Search engines update their algorithms periodically. Just keep in mind those updates and then compare them with your technical SEO audit reports. All these services are mostly included in technical SEO packages.


Make Modifications

Now it's time to make modifications according to your technical SEO audit reports. Doing an audit is not only enough to rank higher. You must have to make changes to your site. Ask SEO experts to do it technically on your site.


#2. Boost The Speed

When talking about technical SEO, speed comes to mind as a necessary thing. Always try to boost the speed of pages on your website. The faster they load, the more chances will be there to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). Following are a few tricks to include in your SEO packages to make your website load faster than ever.


Light Coding

Coding and programming of a website matter a lot. Ask your web development team to use light coding to make the website faster. Tell them to remove the unnecessary sections they have made on your website.

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Light Media

Media files like videos, images, and much more are making websites very slow. Try to compress them before using them on your web pages. It will boost speed.


#3. Error Free

If your website is having many errors then there will be fewer chances to rank it higher. Even some expensive SEO packages won't be able to rank your site with errors. Broken links and 404 like errors kill the organic traffic of websites. Try the following methods to remove errors.

Test For Errors

You cannot manually check every link and page on your website for error, right? Of course, you don't have to do this manually. Because you have many tools. Test your website using these tools for errors.

Hire Experts

Some errors are hard to fix on your own. So hire some experts to fix all the errors from your website.


#4. SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

Don't think that only eCommerce websites need an SSL certificate for security purposes. All the websites need it now. There are many reasons to use secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates. Yes, it is handy to encrypt the user-data. But more importantly, it can be used to look more authentic for your visitors.


Why Is It Important?

According to the search engines, it is very important to use SSL certificates. Yes, there are many sites still not using SSL certificates. But Google has already started marking such sites as “Not Secure”.


#5. Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website can get more traffic easily. There are many reasons why mobile-optimized websites are ranking higher than the others. Because there are many mobile users. Most of the internet users are mobile users. Mobile users are content consumers, they consume a lot. Targeting mobile users is easier than desktop users. So go and buy some SEO packages, if you want to make your website mobile-friendly.

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#6. No Duplicate Content

Does your website have duplicate content? Believe us, your duplicate content can kill the traffic on your site. Search engines like Google and Bing don't want to rank websites with duplicate content. Many websites are struggling for traffic due to duplicate content. Such websites buy SEO packages to fix. Below are the reasons why duplicate content is harmful.


Looks Spammy

Your website will look spammy if you have duplicate content. Because visitors won't trust you if more than one page is showing the same content.


Makes Crawlers Confused

Duplicate content makes crawlers confused about ranking. They are not sure which page is the master page. So it impacts your ranking on search engines.


#7. Sitemap

Google crawlers are smart and hard-working. They can crawl the whole site on their own without any instructions. But you can take advantage to guide them according to you. Ask your SEO consultant to add sitemap submission in your SEO packages.



You can see that these 7 ways can help you boost the technical SEO on your website. Technical SEO requires more skills, so you are recommended to hire someone with such skills. Doing it on your own will be a messy task. Buying technical SEO packages will work without any hassle. But make sure that you have all the above 7 things in your package.