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Common myths about laser hair removal treatment

Everybody has unwanted hair on their body; some are dark, and some have light hair. So different home remedies are utilized and other products available in the market like wax, hair removal creams, thread, shaving, etc. to get rid of hairs. For this purpose, we spend a lot of money on saloons or if we are doing at home than on these products. These solutions are temporary. After using these solutions, the hairs will grow thicker, faster, and darker.  

Laser hair removal is a treatment is one of the effective methods which minimizes the chances of hair regrowth because it targets the hair follicles. It is advanced technology and becoming popular day by day. With the improvement in technology, this treatment is available for any skin type and become safer. The home remedies and other solutions are temporary because they remove the hairs from the skin's surface due to this hair grows faster and thicker. Laser treatments reduce the growth rate of hairs and eliminate the hairs. We cannot say that it is a permanent treatment, but it reduces the number of hairs for about 40-80%.

But as you know, as new technology is introduced, many people have misconceptions about technology, many myths are introduced in society, and people start believing in it. I think this is due to doubts and maybe the right information is not provided to the people. So this article is about myths; people have misconceptions related to laser treatment. If you have a misconception, then this article is for you. 


Laser hair removal treatment is very painful

This is the most common myth; in fact, it is the opposite of the other temporary hair removal methods; you barely feel the pain when undergoing laser hair removal treatment. Now there is a lot of improvement in laser technology, and the medical care center deploys advanced technology, which does not cause much pain. This is an obvious thing that hairs are part of the body, and we want to remove that part, so it causes pain, but there is a lot of improvement in technology, and many safer and less painful methods are introduced, which does not cause a lot of pain.

Laser hair removal treatment causes burns.

The popularity of laser hair removal treatment is due to precise treatment because it precisely targets the darker hairs and specific skin area; it does not affect the surrounding area. So this myth is opposite to reality.  

Laser hair removal requires only one session or sitting.

It is also one of the popular myths that this laser hair removal treatment requires only one sitting. This treatment is a non-invasive hair removal procedure, so it may require six to twelve sessions depends on your skin and hair type. The medical specialist will determine the number of sittings before the treatment begins.

It is a very expensive treatment, and to maintain

Suppose you compare the cost of waxing, hair removal creams, tweezing, etc. of the whole year with laser hair removal treatment. In that case, you definitely conclude that these temporary methods cost more than laser hair removal treatment. You just have to spend money once for laser hair removal, and when the whole procedure complete, it requires a small amount for maintenance once in the whole year, depending on your skin type. So laser treatment is a one-time investment, and for these temporary treatments, you have to keep on investing, and in the end, you temporally get rid of it. 

Laser hair removal treatment is only for women.

This treatment is only for women, not for men is also a popular myth, but it is not true. I think this may be due to most commonly, this treatment is opted for by women, but we cannot say that this treatment is not for men. You will be surprised that nowadays, many laser hair removal treatments are available for men too. 

Laser hair removal treatment does not work on darker skin.

Home at Laser – Bareskin says that this is somehow true if it was said two decades ago, but now with the advancement in technology, there is a lot of improvement in laser technology; now, this technique works on any type of skin; the however number of sessions varies with skin type. This is just a myth now that it does not work on darker skin.

Laser hair removal treatment is not proven safe.

This myth is somehow true that some dermatologists use cheap laser technology, which is not proven by the FDA.  There only some laser hair removal systems which are proved by the FDA. So be sure that your dermatologist is using FDA certified laser system. It is a matter of skin, so invest in a safer system, not in cheaper treatment, in order to avoid the consequences during or after the treatment. 

More hair grows after laser hair removal treatment.

Many people in the world seek treatment for baldness; if this is true, then these people would be in line for the treatment. Laser hair removal treatment only targets the hair follicles; this treatment destroys hair follicles, not create new ones. It's not magic. So, it is purely a myth. Everybody has their own body type with age; some people lose their body hair, and some will grow new body hairs in new places. Hormonal imbalance and medication also play a role in it. So, we cannot say that due to this treatment more hair grows we have to look at other factors too. In short, this treatment is for hair removal, not for growing new ones.

Laser hair removal treatment has harmful side effects on all hair types.

Everybody is unique and has different hair types. Laser hair removal result varies according to the hair thickness, color of hair, and skin type. Only the dermatologist can tell you how your own hairs are affected and removed via laser treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment is not affected by certain hair colours

this myth is somehow true because laser hair removal treatment requires pigment, and it is very difficult to remove red hair due to lack of pigmentation. But the laser technology is evolved, and now with advancement, it enables the removal of zap hairs that are difficult to remove. But still, they won't be able to remove white or grey hairs because they lack pigment, and laser requires pigment to target the hairs. 

Laser hair removal treatment increases the FDA should approve the chances of radiation exposure to the patient 

laser hair removal system because it is safe to use. They are developed so as not to emit radiation. The radiation only exists between the laser's light barriers, and they cannot pass through that space and affect the patient, so it is not harmful to the patient. It is just a myth. But make sure the FDA approves the laser system before treatment. 

One long session will permanently remove the hairs.

No, it's not possible; it is pure myth. Laser hair removal treatment only targets the grown hairs, and hairs have different cycles and timings to grow, and many other follicles are sprout to grow during the different. So it is not possible to get rid of hairs in one long session. If you want better results, then you must have several sittings, so get rid of hairs.

Laser treatment is not effective for vegetarian people.

It is one of the ridiculous myths about laser hair removal treatment. People who are vegetarians have a high beta carotene level because vegetables are rich in beta carotene.  Due to the high beta carotene level, they have yellowish skin. Due to yellowish skin and the presence of additional pigment, the skin absorbs the laser beam, and it does not reach the hair follicles. So it is better to consult a dermatologist before treatment to avoid during and after the consequences of laser treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment permanently removes hairs  

laser hair removal treatment success rate depends on skin type, hair colour, thickness, etc. body type also matters, so a lot of factors are involved in the success of laser hair treatment. Some people feel the difference in hair growth after a few sessions, and some may not; there is a lot of variation in results. We cannot say that laser hair removal treatment permanently removes the hair; it is a temporary treatment. Laser hair treatment only reduces the growth rate of hairs and eliminate the hairs. You require a maintenance session one in the year to maintain the results.  

Laser hair removal treatment is not effective in summers.

Now it is just a myth. The skin indeed absorbs the laser beam, and a small amount reaches to the follicles, but technology is advanced know. With advancements in technology, laser treatment is now effective for darker skin. If your skin is tan during summer, your dermatologist will set the laser beam according to the skin tone. If laser hair removal is your agenda, then be careful to stay out of the rays of the sun. Don't lay out in the sun or get a tan within 72 hours before or after treatment; this will affect laser treatment results. There are also chances of redness, scarring, damage to the skin, so once again, stay out of the sun's rays and please use sunscreen.

Laser hair treatment cause discolouration to the skin

Any type of laser treatment you undergo, you'll feel the difference in the colour of skin. But this is more prominent to the darker colour skin people. Before starting the treatment, talk to your dermatologist about discolouration, its risks, and remedies on how to cure the skin's discolouration. 

Before starting the treatment, you should consult a certified dermatologist who uses the FDA certified laser system to avoid during or after consequences. So you should be honestly related to medication, or you have any hormonal or any other body issue because, in the success of laser hair removal, many factors are involved. Your dermatologist will answer any query related to laser treatment. Share information regarding the types of treatments in their hospital or clinic. Have a magnified look on hair and skin; your dermatologist will provide you with an estimate of sittings and laser treatment success rate according to your skin type and hair type. According to the dermatologist, if you take precautionary measures before, during, and after laser treatment, the chances of laser treatment success rate increases.