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How To Reduce Your Hospital Bill in Miami

Hospital bills have caused more nervous breakdowns than people might care to admit. And most of us never want to negotiate prices of a medical service in the fear of receiving a substandard care. But let’s take a moment to think. Isn’t this fear driving the profits of hospitals over the roof? And isn’t it snatching away the rights of affordable medical care from all? The answers remain yes and yes. Medical care should be universally recognised as a fundamental right of human beings. And in order to make medical care affordable for you, let us go over the most tried and tested tips from experts on how to reduce your medical bill if you are a resident of Miami.


  1. Plan Major Healthcare Services you may require in future

One of the most intimidating tasks for any person is to plan for misfortune. In a healthy and happy life people rarely want to account for accidents or surgeries simply because it is too taxing on the conscience. But planning for a dental implant that is unavoidable under all circumstances is not teasing luck, it is prudent. Why, you ask? Because that way, time being your ally, you can compare the pricing of services offered by various care providers and be in a position to negotiate your way into receiving the best medical service on offer. According to the US Census Bureau, an approximate 86% of Americans have Health Insurance Plans to pay for the majority of services, however, in order to be able to utilize the benefits of such schemes, it pays to be better informed about the status of prices in the market. A simple google search goes a long way.


Another alternative is to ask the pricing of a procedure from the doctor before getting it done. This will inform you of all the necessary procedures or tests and save you on a high out of pocket deductible or co-pay. Look for available Medical Discount Plan for Miami Residents which you can compare for several services together and get the best deal. Excel Medical Associate and Glades Medical in Miami Dade County provide best in class medical services and are known for their affordable pricing.


  1. Trim Prescription Drug Costs

The best advice by experts on trimming the costs of prescription drugs is try generic and over the counter drugs instead of going for the brands. In case you have a long duration procedure, you could also visit big box stores and get bigger doses of the medicine. This will not only avoid any recurring expenses but also lower down the actual cost of the drug. Even in this case do not settle on just one shop that is conveniently located. Ask around for best deals, a little hassle on the phone could well save you several hundred dollars in prescription.

When it comes to generic drugs, most of us are apprehensive about using them. An article published by the Harvard Health Education, dismisses the doubts. In most cases, a generic form of a prescription drug is no less effective than a branded drug, therefore no use shelling out extra dollars for them.


  1. Negotiate your medical bill like it's nobody’s business

Begin your negotiations by asking for an itemised bill. This itself presents ample opportunities to look at price surge on each item. Even if you have looked at the best Medical Discount Plan for Miami Residents, you can still manage to scrape off a lot of money from these huge bills. Look for payment options like MedicAid or subsidized insurance that applies to your case. You can always ask them (politely, of course) to lower the bill. You can ask them to charge you at a Medicare rate which is reserved for insured patients. Hope these tips help you. All the best.