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How To Build Authority SEO Backlinks For Your Business Website

In the online world of fluctuating SEO trends, even Google’s ranking algorithm and its factors seem to be a variable. But a backlink is more like a constant, remaining the top indicator of quality content and site’s authority, as well as of relevance to a certain topic or niche. You can view backlinks as a worthy investment that yields ranking, visibility, traffic, authority, and helps you outperform competitors.

So, what’s wrong with just buying these links in bulk, then? The days when quantity was the backbone of link building are long gone, and currently quality is the key parameter having that kind of make-or-break significance. This means link building requires considerable effort nowadays, whether paid services are involved or not, and it’s a more time-consuming process.

The Good, the Bad, and the Most Important

As for the oft-cited ‘pro tip’ assuring that you should avoid buying backlinks at all costs, this isn’t exactly true. It would have been useful if rephrased into something more specific:  

“Avoid buying backlinks from low-quality websites at all costs – no matter how low these costs are.”

Low-quality links, unlike those coming from more authoritative (high DA) sites, won’t have any SEO value (at best) or will lower your rankings and even get you penalized (at worst). While backlinks coming from sources unrelated to your site’s niche won’t have any positive effect on your ranking or traffic, the impact of good backlinks on the site’s rank and domain authority (DA) can’t be underestimated. So, make sure to build backlinks that are ‘good’, which means ‘authoritative and topically relevant’, to put it simply.

However, it has never been simple to get such links from authoritative resources. Negotiating guest posting on high DA websites to earn those top-quality links is likely to be a challenge if you are new to it. Of course, the benefits of this are obvious: such backlinks are considered organic, and they are usually budget-friendly (though not always free).

But in fact, some sites charge fees for publishing posts, while some people choose to hire writers or use an additional tool or two to ensure the quality of writing is sufficient for building SEO authority backlinks. Others find the ‘outreach’ part the most intimidating, as well as the high chance of being turned down, so they rely on a professional guest posting service for backlink building. You can get more info in case this is about you.

To what extent money is involved in getting authority backlinks is not a significant factor as long as their quality is consistent. So, commitment to quality should be your priority, whether you strive to create awesome content for guest posts on your own, or use a professional guest posting service.

How to Find Ways That Work Best in 2021

Though links are not the only thing that may improve your search ranking, all the ways of getting those ‘honorable mentions’ from high-authority domains aren’t easy. To put it short, you need outstanding quality content that is either:

  • Informative
  • Useful 
  • Offering new insights
  • Interactive
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging

A combination of those will also work for making something attractive and share-worthy, with significant backlink building potential, or you need to find someone who is good at creating this kind of content. There are different creative ways to find quality backlinks, such as offering visual content (infographics) instead of guest posts, or creating quizzes, games, launching competitions and giveaways. Trying a variety of methods may be fun if you’ve got the enthusiasm and the time. Finding out what works best for you and your business needs is time-consuming as well. If saving time is your concern, this requires more effort or other resources, but most importantly, some professional help as well.