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ReleaseMyAd provides online portal for booking matrimonial ad in Times Of India

ReleaseMyAd is helping people with an easy booking of matrimonial advertisements in Times Of India through its website. It has simplified the process of booking such advertisements. This can be done by going to the website and selecting the various options regarding the advertisements. With this process, it has removed all the hassles involved in booking advertisements.

The company has provided an online portal for booking matrimonial advertisements in Times Of India. The person wishing to book the TOI matrimonial has to simply go to the link, select the various options like type of ad, region where the newspaper carrying ad is intended to be circulated and the advertisement draft which can be prepared using samples available on the website. Further, the portal provides the option for offline payment in case the customer wants to pay later.Matrimonial Ads on TImes of India

While booking matrimonial advertisements, the customer has to make several decisions like which newspaper, a number of lines in the advertisement, the right piece of information in minimum words etc. While most persons in such a case end up deciding Times Of India for advertisements, as it has the very high readership and low ad rates, the decision regarding the type of ad, budget, circulation area, are some points which put anyone into confusion. People end-up making a choice which does not satisfy them completely. The last mile of going to the office of the newspaper and submitting the matrimonial ad also adds to the complications. The online portal helps in resolving all such complications involved.

Although ReleaseMyAd supports ad booking with several leading newspapers, it strongly recommends advertising in Times Of India. This is because TOI has a good brand image and highest circulation among English newspapers. Also, it has several supplement newspapers which add to the value which TOI provides to its readers.

ReleaseMyAd is a Kolkata based organisation which helps in purchasing spaces among various media for advertising. These media include radio, newspaper, television, cinema, and magazines. It started in 2009 as an online newspaper classified portal and has now grown to the level of a complete online advertising platform helping individuals and businesses book ads in few clicks. 

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