What Can You Do About Scrivener Right Now

What Can You Do About Scrivener Right Now

Literature & Latte in England based software which was initiated from 2006 for the solitary purpose of making your enormous writing an organized one. The maker of Literature & Latte explains the dire need of Scrivener in a writer’s life and also explains the only purpose of scrivener.

Scrivener is an extraordinary content which ensures that you can complete your end result with comfort and ease. Scrivener also promotes discount code which is quite economical for you if you are an amateur writer.


All versions of scrivener are available for you. You can either buy the Mac OS X or Windows 10 or both. The pricing is a bit different in this manner.

1. Mac OS X version- its actual price is $45 but if you use our special website’s promo link than you can get the promo or coupon code. Price after discount will be $36

2. Windows Version- Its regular price is $40 but if you buy this software using coupon link then you can buy the package at only $32. It’s a $8 savings.


1. Outliner

This is one amazing feature which I love the most. You can easily outline the overall activities. Word counting, check Meta data, drag and drop restructuring feature, using status column are the main feature of scrivener. It’s the overview of your full writing section.

2. Corkboard

The easy meaning of corkboard is that it’s a notice board where every notes of your work. The auto update software will rearrange your order and will make it easier to find it.

3. Text Editing

By the points name you may understand the main content of this matter. You can easily any text format or font and ultimately change the finished document with something of your choice.

4. Scrivenings

This mode is one excellent creation for writer, novelists, screen writers, lawyer or academic student. You can move the section by section part or you can also move the whole section at a time at your convenience.

5. Statistics

You can manage manuscript target and session target in your writing. You can target what amount of word you wanted to write for each section. You can also select project target session which ensures how many words you are putting in your whole draft.