Nicki Jenns

The Best Hairstyles To Rock This Season 2017

A striking dress, perfect makeup, pointed stilettos and matching handbag; you are all set to make head turns but, wait? Isn’t that a weird hairdo you are wearing? Yes, no matter how well you dress up, your look cannot be perfect until you have a brilliant hair style. Hair styles are the most innovative element to add to your style. 

But, it is tough to keep pace with the ever-changing world of hair & hair styles. Every year comes to a new trend and even before you get hold of it, there is something new on the market. Indeed it is tough to stay in fashion if you do not know what the latest trends are. So, to make it easy for you, here we offer a running list of some amazing hairstyle for 2017:

• The platinum swag:

This is probably the most elegant hair trend ever. Going platinum is so much enticing that even stars like Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne were not able to resist its charm. Shorter hair, bleached in a silvery shine is something every girl wants. You can anytime ditch your natural hair color and become a silvery platinum blonde.

• High Pony tail:

It’s time to slick your hair ‘high’; really ‘high.’ High pony tails are the new members of the hot hair style family. You can try wearing them in a rumpled texture look or stick straight look as per the choice of dress and makeup. The high pony tail is alone enough to offer you the elegance you desire. Tip to keep: the tighter you will tie your hair, the more lifted your face will look.

• Go straight:

Shiny, straight and center parted hairs are the most sought after the trend for 2017. It is time you revere your straight iron. However, to adore this style you need to have hairs that are healthy and shining. You can use a good hair heat protectant before using the straightener. However, if you are willing to wear this style without a very healthy growth, you can use BestHairBuy virgin hair to make your growth thick.

• Flat yet wavy:

Remember those days when your straightening efforts went all wrong, well now it is a style. You can now wear flat hairs with waves and be a part of the trend. You do not need a curling iron but a flat iron will do the job perfectly. Use your besthairbuy and put a flat iron over them. Keep bending the iron inwards to create bends on your hair and you are all set to flaunt your new look.

• Blunt Bob:

If you are ready to make a sacrifice some length of your hair, the blunt bob hairs style is just for you. No matter you have curly or straight hair; if you want a bob, the cut is blunt and sharp. Celebrities like Rihana, Selena Gomez, and Bella Hadid had rocked this look.

• Elegant braids:

The evergreen braids aren’t leaving you alone in 2017. It is time you bid goodbye to top knot, French twist or any other hairstyle and embrace the romantic braids. The worn out, loose and unkempt braids are your new best friends.

So, ladies, these were some awesome hairstyles to rock in 2017. How many have you tried so far?