Nicki Jenns

Different types of Fryers Available from Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

Due the wide range of different business types and kitchen configurations out there, commercial kitchen equipment suppliers generally stock an extensive range of fryers for buyers to choose from. Fryers are versatile machines that are suitable for a range of cooking applications. 

Businesses have a number of options when it comes to fryers, with the option to choose from models that are designed to cook foods quickly and thoroughly as well as fryers that are capable of producing healthier and better tasting foods. This article takes a look at some of the different types of fryers available.

Electric Fryers

One type of fryer that commercial kitchen equipment suppliers will generally stock is the ever popular electric fryer. Commonplace in many commercial cooking environments such as fish and chip shops, take away outlets and restaurants, the electric fryer is a stalwart of the fast food industry. 

Electric fryers are very effective at cooking food fast and cooking it thoroughly, and most commercial kitchen equipment suppliers will stock a range of these machines in varying sizes and configurations. 

Electric fryer features often include overheat protection thermostats, oil drainage, thermostatic regulation of oil temperature, and efficient infrared heating elements.

Gas Fryers

Gas fryers are ideal for a wide range of cooking applications and are well suited for use in commercial environments. Gas fryers come in a range of configurations, including one-basket, two-basket, two half-basket and four half-basket varieties, and they’re an ideal choice for those using gas as their main source of energy.

 Gas fryers also possess safety features such as flame failure devices, overheat protection thermostats, and thermostatic regulation of oil temperature. Stocked by most reputable commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, gas fryers are designed to be easy to maintain and clean, plus they usually boast conveniently located major components that make for an efficient and ergonomic cooking experience.

Open Fryers and Pressure Fryers

Available in various makes and models, commercial pressure fryers and open fryer machines boast many great features that have been designed to simplify and improve the efficiency of cooking in high demand commercial environments. With their easy-to-operate programmable control systems, stainless steel construction, LED displays, built-in filtration systems, raised edges and numerous other handy features, pressure fryers and open fryer machines make a great addition to any commercial kitchen. 

One of the main benefits boasted by pressure fryer machines is how economical and energy-efficient they are, which makes them more environmentally friendly and better value for money. Like most other fryers, open and pressure fryers are available in a range of makes and models, meaning there’s likely to be a model that will meet your needs.

In Summary

With the extensive range of fryers on the market nowadays, it can be difficult to decide which type will best suit your needs. By using commercial kitchen equipment suppliers that have a great reputation and provide good customer service, you can benefit from dealing with expert staff who will know exactly what type of fryer will be best for your kitchen.