Nicki Jenns

Tushar Sen, Founder of Dongrila, is “Doing the Unthinkable” – PitchEngine Exclusive Report

Execution is the only thing that counts, rest is all a fairy tale.

Tushar Sen, CEO – Dongrila


Tushar Sen, the CEO and founder of this upcoming and immensely popular web-portal went against the naysayers and left a high paying banking career to pursue his dream of building his own company. We at PitchEngine today unfold the story of this remarkably different portal that has set out to change “the B-School education system.”


Dongrila was launched in July this year as a portal to overcome a challenge that has forever plagued business schools globally – Data.


“Students blame the schools for not being able to bag a high prized job, the schools blame the students for not being prepared enough and the parents blame both the students and the professors for wasting their money on this high cost education.”


Dongrila is here to break this vicious circle, it claims to have found a solution.


Tushar believes any world-class submission needs accurate and relevant data, and never has such data been available to the students or professors. The available data on the Internet is either outdated or is extremely expensive.


Along with good submissions a B-School grad needs to prepare well for his D-Day – Placement Day. Is there a one stop shop that offers everything one might need to prepare for placements?  


Well, there is one now, Dongrila.


This bootstrapped startup is battling everyday to reach out to relevant target audience through every digital platform possible. Claiming to have over 3000 visitors on its site everyday, Dongrila is fast gaining momentum in SE Asian region.


“We are not here to push our products, we are here to make friends with the students and professors. Our job is not to sell, our job is to educate and assist. Therefore product is just about 50% of our offering, the rest of our portal is about educating our fellow students and B-School aspirants,” says Tushar.


Dongrila actually runs a podcast channel – STUDIO 3, that airs talk-shows by industry stalwarts who talk about hiring, internships and career guidance. The other popular service by Dongrila is a blog that it runs regularly, the blog reports news about the latest happenings in the world of business studies.


“Our vision is to provide a complete end-to-end solution to B-School aspirants, from preparation of entrance exams to final placements. Our next goal however, is to expand to the European schools, we plan to do it over the next 4 quarters.”


Dongrila is in talks with Venture Capitalists for a series A funding, meanwhile it is aggressively building a brand name in the SE Asian region.


Whether Dongrila hits the pot of gold or not is yet to be seen, but as Tushar rightly puts it – “unless it is driven by passion it won’t bear any fruit, money is just a byproduct of passion and hard-work,” Dongrila is certainly on the right track and by no means it is gonna miss its target.