Nicki Jenns

Look for These Essential Features Before You Buy an Affordable Hosting Service

All web hosting companies provide a long list of bells and whistles on their sales pages. Do not be confused by the list of features on any sales page. Only pay attention to the most important benefits and disregard everything else. Affordable web hosts must offer a few essential features. Most of the web hosting review websites assign a rating to different factors like support, pricing, reliability, and user-friendliness.

For example, if you look at Bluehost ratings on this review site, you’ll notice that the current overall rating is 7 out of 10, whereas different factors hold a separate rating each. Though you should keep in mind all the ratings, it’s the rating of the features you need the most that is going to be most important for you.

Customer service is extremely important even with cheap web hosts

It doesn’t matter how good and reliable your web hosting is, at some point you will need to communicate with your web host. Web hosting companies that understand the importance of strong relationships between the company and their customers is definitely a deciding factor.

It doesn’t matter how small the price is, a web host should never sacrifice customer support. A web hosting company you choose should offer multiple ways to communicate. At some point during the life of your website, you will have questions that need answers– fast. Because of this, poor customer support is not something you should ever accept.

Look for an affordable hosting provider that answers questions within 24 hours or less. This host should have a strong support ticket system in place and possibly a live chat option as well. The best web hosts will answer questions in a very short amount of time.

All reputable web companies will handle support tickets in just a few hours and live chat requests should be handled within a few minutes. Additionally, a toll-free number should be available to all of their customers. Should you run into difficulties, and believe me at some point you will, a responsive technical support staff may be critical to keeping your website healthy. There are few things more important than customer support.

You may wish to test their customer support before choosing to sign up. Before making a commitment to host your website with any hosting company ask their customer support a few questions to see how quickly you receive an answer.

You can ask a question based on customer accounts, server technologies, or other features they have available to their users. This small test will give you a complete understanding of how reliable their customer support is. If you’re not satisfied with the amount of time it takes them to respond, choose another Web hosts. Likewise, if you’re not satisfied with the helpfulness of their staff, move on.

Before Buying any Hosting provider service should be check that hosting provider can support SSL encryption security or not. because Cheap Wildcard SSL can encrypt the information and keep the data secure from hackers. This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server."

Affordable hosting services with adequate benefits

It doesn’t matter how cheap the web hosting company is, there is no reason to sacrifice benefits and features. When going through the list of benefits, consider the size of storage space you get. In fact, do not make a decision until you have complete understanding of storage space your account will allow.

Understand how much bandwidth is provided to each user. What are their uptime guarantees? There is no need to settle for an expensive web host. You will have no difficulty finding affordable hosting with all of the features you need.

Be sure the host offers all of the technical requirements needed to run your website. For instance, if you are to set up a WordPress installation, the web hosting company must have servers capable of PHP technologies. A significant amount of databases must be allotted to each user. Many web hosts offer unlimited databases for each user.

Furthermore, having access to multiple databases will allow users to integrate additional scripts and applications into their existing website. This might be needed for newsletters, shopping carts, and bulletin board system. Having a significant amount of databases available is very important.

Does the web host provide a user-friendly control panel?

All web hosts provide their users with some type of control panel. This is very important for managing a website and configuring any of the elements. Most agree that cPanel is the best control panel available because it is so easy to use.

Is there a money back guarantee?

I cannot say this enough. Although an affordable hosting solution is necessary, don’t allow price alone to form your opinion. Any web hosting company confident in their services will offer some type of money back guarantee. These guarantees will vary, but if no guarantee is available, this is not a worthy web host. For beginners, there is no need to pay more than $10 per month for an account.

Web hosting companies are masters at creating compelling sales pages. Read the sales page very carefully in search for the guarantee they offer. No matter what bells and whistles are listed on the sales page, there is always the possibility you won’t be satisfied with the account once it is created. Because of this, look for a money back guarantee with any affordable web host.