Nicki Jenns

The Secrets Of Structuring An Academic Article

When writing an academic essay, the primary goal is to craft a coherent set of ideas into a structured argument. Again, an academic essay functions on a single idea and the same needs to be presented in a way that the readers get the most of the essence.

This aim of an essay can be sought through its structure. It is the best way to provide the information readers wish to gain and the right order in which they receive it. Thus, the structure of an essay must be unique and serving its purpose.

The essentials of an ideal essay structure:

Essays are a rich source of information. This information must be strategically distributed in different sections of the essay to make it effective. While introduction and conclusion of an essay have fixed places in the structure, deciding the sequence of various aspects of article body remains a challenge.

The usual flow of information is an introduction to the argument, analyzing the data, raising counterarguments & finally concluding. But you can anytime place counterargument right after the introduction as it is a free-standing section. Similarly, the ideal place of background material is next to the intro, but you can also write it along with the paragraph with relevant info.

The best way to plan the structure of an essay is to consider the cross-questioning of your readers.

A few examples of such questions include:


The first thing that you can expect from your readers is “What”. They will try out data to validate the information shared by you. This is the best way to engage your readers as when they know that the information provided by you is authentic, it instills interest in them.

Thus, placing this “what” section right at the start of the essay is recommended by the experts. However, keeping is short and crisp is the key to success. If you exceed the limit of “what” section, you might lose your audience as they may perceive your write up to be influenced.


Giving a thesis that strongly faces the counterargument is the second most important aspect. This is the right segment to introduce secondary sources or any new set of arguments. Having a minimum of one “How” section is recommended and experts suggest placing it right after the “what” section.


Last but an equally significant part of the essay body is “Why.” This is the segment where you create the value of your content as for why anyone besides you should be interested in the thesis. This part creates the main essence or derives the aim of writing the essay. This must be the end part of an essay as with it, the essay gets the finishing touches.

Mapping your essay:

Here are a few tips to successfully map your essay:

  • Do not make two or more sentences in stating your thesis. This must also give the readers a clear idea what they will get after reading the essay.
  • Create suspense and reveal the secret at the same time. Help people finding the real motive of the essay.
  • Maintain a chain of info and guide your reader thru.
  • A flaw in the structure of an essay has a great effect on the readability and thus reader experience. At you get expert guidance in all types of academic essay writing assignments and courseware projects.