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According to ROSPA 75% of the 19,000 bicycle accidents a year in the UK happen at junctions. So what is being done to support cyclists’ safety on the roads?

CYCL, a technology startup company that popped up on Kickstarter in 2015, boasts a multitude of high quality, innovative cycling accessories, has launched new safety innovation - WingLights - now featured in London Evening Standard, Road Safety GB and Road.CC.Forbes and WIRED gave CYCL more recent/positive reviews


Other useful facts: 23% of accidents are caused by drivers’ failure judge cyclists’ path. This second statistic is particularly salient as 91.8% of cycling collisions involve a motor vehicle (DfT Pedal Cycling Road Safety Fact Sheet 2018).


68% of non-cyclists who believe it is too dangerous to cycle on the roads (Dft British Social Attitudes Survey 2016: Public attitudes towards transport)


So what are Winglights? CYCL developed high quality bicycle turn signals, quoted as "exceptional" by Peter Jones, during the CYCL team's Dragons' Den pitch.


Light and waterproof, these turn signals make bikes more visible to motorists, setting a new standard for cycling safety. Just like cars and motorbikes, cyclists may now choose their direction of movement whilst making it much more clear and visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

A bright amber light flashes as fast as the neighbouring cars indicators and perseveres through day or night commute. This innovative cycling gadget has already earned the attention of prominent academics in the field after being awarded first runner up at the Santander University Entrepreneurship Award.


All a rider needs to do is to snap the Winglights on the ends of your bike’s handlebars and switch on the lights with a simple tap.                                                                 


CYCL WingLights come in three versions :

WingLights Mag are the original high quality turn signals that magnetically attach to your handlebar ends. Easy to install and use, the turn signals flash bright amber and can be seen from all angles and at any time of the day. When removed, the units clip together to form a keyring on a carabiner for safekeeping. WingLights are shockproof made of a high quality light aluminium alloy with strong magnets to hold them in place, making them a tough hero of urban cycling, weighing just 125 grams once mounted.

WingLights Fixed are a brand new, non-magnetic turn signals, built to the same high specification as the original WingLights. However, unlike WingLights Mag, WingLights Fixed are permanently attached to the mounting units and screw directly into your handlebar ends. Rather than clipping off to form a keyring, they stay on the bike until they are unscrewed.

WingLights POP are the latest addition to the award-winning CYCL family of direction indicators for bicycles. Perfect for the casual rider, WingLights POP offer a slick waterproof design at a bargain price and stay firmly in place at the end of your handlebars thanks to CYCL’s patented mounting technology. Unlike the previous versions this model is made of plastic making it accessible to cyclists with lower budget.

All products come ready-to-use thanks to the 2x CR2032 batteries included.


CYCL is a London-based cycling safety company founded by Luca Amaduzzi and Agostino Stilli. Keen cyclists themselves, they designed and created WingLights from scratch to address pressing issues within cycling safety - in particular visibility at the junctions.


Passionate about improving cyclists’ safety on the roads, the founder, Luca, quotes: "We have created something with the idea to improve the quality and safety of the cycling experience and we are now aiming to expand this to the wider public by partnering with bike sharing schemes.”


The number of commuters has increased by 144% over the last decade, making cycle safety a key issue now more than ever. Product is available at Selfridges and Velorution

To find out more about CYCL and WingLights, please contact and visit our website