Nicki Jenns

Waterproof Earbuds for Swimmers: tips & tricks

Waterproof headphones are a blessing for swimmers who want to take their music underwater. While normal headphones have to fight a competition to offer the best fit to the buyer according to the ear shape and size, in case of waterproof headphones, one has to create a watertight seal so that the unimpeded sound reaches the eardrum.

If there is any water present between the eardrum and the earbud, the sound quality will deteriorate and everything will be muffled. Here are a few tips and tricks for using waterproof headphones for swimmers:

  • Care & Maintenance:

When you take care of your headphones, you get the best performance from them. A few things to keep in mind to maintain your earbuds in the best conditions include:

  • Avoid extreme conditions:

Exposure to extreme high or extreme low temperatures is injurious for the earbuds. This nowhere means that you cannot put on your headphones when it is a sunny day or snowing outside, but what it implies is that you may avoid leaving your earphones in the freezer or maybe in the car when it is locked outside under the scorching sun.

  •  Be gentle and careful while removing headphones from a device:

Most of us plug out a headphone from a device uninterruptedly. However, this is the worst thing you can do with your headphone. To enjoy longevity, pull out the plug and not the cord of the headphone.

  • Pat them dry after a swim:

As you take your earbuds to the water, they get wet. But before you take them off and store in some random place, make sure you pat it dry. Overtime exposure to moisture might even affect a waterproof earbud.

  • Store them in a dry place:

Make sure you nicely fold the wire, in case of wired earphones, and place it in a place that is dry.

  • Select the earbuds:

Just like we said before, if you earbuds aren’t perfectly fitted to your eardrum, you may not be able to enjoy the best sound quality. To ensure you buy the best fit for earbuds, you must first know the different choice available.


it is perfect to enjoy an ergonomic and comfortable fit while playing different types of sports.

Trees: they make a perfect watertight seal and also create water isolation effect.

Rounds: perfect for day to day activities and can fit to a number of ear types.

Fins: best snug seal against water and suitable for the widest range of ears.

Use petroleum jelly:

While you must buy an earbud that offers you a complete watertight seal, having an extra something to boost the seal is even better. Petroleum jelly is a perfect solution for your watertight seal requirement. Just add a dab of petroleum jelly to your ears before you insert the earbuds and the seal is enhanced.


There are chances that a minor amount of water might seep into your earbuds. This can make muffled sound or even completely block it. In case something like that has happened to you, here is what you should do:

  1. Remove the rubber earbud.
  2. Make a small tip like structure using a paper towel or napkin.
  3. Insert the tip like structure to the metal opening and let it absorb any water present inside
  4. Put the soft rubber back and test the earphones.

There are some of the tips that make using waterproof earbuds easier for swimmers. Try these tips and make sure you have an incredible music experience underwater as well as have a long lasting waterproof earphones.