Nicki Jenns

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Vs Headphones: Your guide to the perfect purchase

Monster-sized headphones captured all the attention in the 1970s. Portable music players then entered the zone in the 1980s, and headphones began to reduce its importance. Then next is the Apple which entered the industry in 2001, and is comprised of a pair of sleek, white earbuds in every package.

Instantly, earbuds were all the more important for listening to music on the run. Today, earbuds are still present everywhere and now even they are loved by the people.

Now the high-quality headphones are coming up as a more famous alternative, despite the restraints it has. So let’s have a look that which device provides us with a better listening?

Basically, it all varies from person to person. The best Bluetooth earbuds and headphones both have positive and negative aspects linked t it and the best device for delivering your tunes rely on your choice and situation. First of all, let’s have a look at the headphones first.

How to wear?

Headphones are to be placed on your outer ears. Supra-aural models cover your entire ear surfaces but they do not just close them. Over-the-ear models, or circumaural, fully cover each ear.

The best thing about this headphone is that they offer you the superior sound quality, especially in concern with the bass tones. They are certainly a good option when it comes to blocking out noise behind such that as of traffic on a street.


When it comes to affordability then Open-cup headphones are the best as you can purchase a pair of it under $20. Closed-cup models are a bit costly and can be as high as $500 or so. They are very costly because they are top-quality closed-cup models like Beats by Dr Dre which comprise of advanced speaker designs, powered amplification and excellent active-noise-cancelling.


But, headphones are not simply perfect. When it comes to portability they are not good plus they are bulky. Even you can't move with them on the streets and even you can’t put glasses along with it.

Bluetooth Earbuds: be stylish and comfy

Next is Bluetooth wireless earbuds, They can also be placed on your outer ear, but almost all of them are to be inserted into your ear canal. Earbuds are cheap in price when compared to the headphones. Plus they are much lighter and far less bulky.

This means they can be carried along easily. So when you walk in the cafes or workplace you will mostly see people using earbuds. The reason behind this is that earbuds only sit in your ear canals, nor your hairstyle gets spoiled plus you can easily wear the glasses and earrings.

Unfortunately, earbuds deliver inferior sound quality, especially when we consider bass tones. They even don’t filter out external noise very well. So when you use earbuds you will probably hear traffic sounds too. To the more earbuds even slip out of ear easily which makes it a negative thing.

So, finally, if you are looking for high-quality sound and really want to enjoy the music then headphones are your best bet.

But if you're working out at the gym or commuting and want to listen to music then earbuds are probably better, due to the portability and lightweight factor. But there is one more aspect which you should keep in mind before purchasing.

Both headphones and earbuds are basically noise isolating devices which means they block some of the noise around you, much like when you put your fingers in your ears or put earmuffs on. But some people prefer to have headphones or earbuds that are noise cancelling, and that’s quite a different thing.

So, you need to think and buy the ones which fits your need and allow you to best enjoy your favorite music.