Nicki Jenns

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Job Outlook for 2019 And 2020

Whether it be a field related to the information technology or a field far from it, the use of the Microsoft enterprise services is becoming increasingly popular in any growing industry in the world.

While some companies require Microsoft certifications in order to apply there for jobs, some might not. However, it is undisputed that having a Microsoft certification not only boost your resume high enough for you to easily get jobs, as compared to your counterparts, but it would also help you to negotiate a better salary, non-wage benefits, and other company benefits like healthcare and paid vacation days.

Thus, it is understandable why they Microsoft 365 enterprise in one of the increasingly popular certifications among individuals.

Not only does it provide the skills and knowledge necessary to proficiently operate the Microsoft office programs, it deals with the certification in the latest Microsoft enterprise, which would automatically make you stand out among other certified individuals.

The Microsoft 365 enterprise administration certification is one of the best certifications to have if one is looking for a job in the information technology sector. It covers nearly all aspects of Microsoft office and since they are nearly a necessity in almost individuals.

If you are a Microsoft 365 Enterprise administrator, here are the highest paying fields you might find a job in:-

The IT Industry

Perhaps the industry that requires the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators is the IT industry itself. Whether you be an entry-level employee in a tech start-up or the CEO of a company, having the basic skills and knowledge required for you to operate in the IT world is irreplaceable by any other certification.

The versatility in the office enterprise lets you choose the different programs you want to use to make presentations, save data, develop web pages etc.

When you initially become an office 365 enterprise administrator, after getting your certification you can even further the qualification by becoming a Microsoft expert or Microsoft master.

Many certified individuals choose this course of action as it only requires a few basic tests in order to go from a basic Office 365 certification to a master certification.

Thus one way the Microsoft 365 certification can help in when it comes to the job opportunities is that it cannot only help you get jobs that require you to be a Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator, but also helps you fill you the prerequisites required to fill in order to apply for the certification that would help you get better jobs.

Business Trajectory

Perhaps another industry that requires the most Microsoft administrators after the invaluable importance of the Microsoft enterprise starts becoming clear to everyone. Today, it is unthinkable for a fresh graduate to not be able to use the Microsoft office programs when applying for a job.

However, the addition of a Microsoft certification and being a Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator would add an un-measurable amount of value to your resume. From presentations to documentation, everything is managed on the Microsoft industry in the business world.

You could be someone who is merely an internee at a job, and yet your job description would require that you be able to proficiently use the Microsoft enterprise. The most important use of office enterprise is probably keeping the logs of profit and loss, business expenses, employee salaries etc.

There are different levels of the Microsoft certifications and as your level gets higher the skills and benefits you achieve improve along. Statistically, it has been seen that nearly 80% of employers and recruiters will always be on the lookout for candidates who have certification with office 365, and are also likely to form an opinion about the applicants even before the interview, by noticing the presence (or absence) of a Microsoft certification on the resume.

The reason having a Microsoft certification would help you stand out is the skill, knowledge, and efficiency that one achieves as a Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator.

Not only being an administrator let you be better at these jobs, but these days some offices specifically have a job for Microsoft certified individuals to manage company data, thus having their own IT departments, run by IT professionals.

Education Industry

Your Microsoft 365 Enterprise certification may also standout in industries other than IT, for example, the education industry. According to the Study International, technology is shaping the future of education.

When it comes to academics, Microsoft administrators play a huge role in preparing the students for success in their college or workplace. With the generational gap between a majority of teachers and students, it is important that the teachers are equipped with the modern technologies and strategies required to teach and influence their students.

This can be achieved by many things, one of them being the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to make interactive lectures and presentations, in which teachers can not only summarize the topics in the slide effectively but also add pictures and videos to improve comprehensions for students.

A lot of teachers also use Word to make notes and upload them on forums to share it with students.

People who work in the government sectors are another benefactors. Since I recent years, more and more countries, including the third world countries, are computerizing their government information systems by managing identity cards, passports and voting registrations on computerized systems, which are being managed by Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators and experts.

Since there is a huge level of credibility that is required to be a government employee, the competition to get a job in the government sector is tough, thus the pay is high. The government jobs might not only just be high-paying, but also offer no-wage benefits like employee health care, vacation holidays, and education for children. 

The qualification of a Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator is one of the most valuable to have when working in any industry. It not only opens many doors for you in the present times but also gives you the opportunity to grow in the future with the rapid advancements and automation seen in every industry in the world.