Nicki Jenns

9 Most Effective Marketing Tips For Mobile App

After spending countless hours developing the app and stacking your app with all the amazing features but still not getting the result which you expected? What is the reason that your app is not getting any downloads?


First, let's make you aware of the facts.


Around 2.5 billion people use smartphones and every 2 seconds 7 new mobile users are added to the list.


Within an hour, 70% of mobile searches trigger action and have improved the call to action rate.


Nowadays in order to connect people with your business, mobile is the best source. It leaves us no choice but to adapt to the mobile app marketing tips and make efforts towards building marketing strategies for the app.


Main Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Your App


We have got the insights that will help you in reaching your customers and prospects across mobile more efficiently. These are the reasons why mobile marketing is so important for the app:


1. Social Advertising


Including different social media platforms to interact with the customer is very critical to the business. Social media usage on mobile keeps on increasing.

A marketer should not only focus on the social media platform’s popularity of their target audience but should also understand the integration of that platform with the daily lives of the users to ensure proper optimization of the advertising.

Engage with your users, give them the opportunity to share and comment on your posts. The mobile version of the site should have the “share or “follow” buttons.

2. Mobile-friendly website

The first thing that a mobile app marketer should do is make the website of the business user-friendly which means a functional website that looks attractive and user-friendly on a mobile screen.

Recognizing the mobile device capabilities like operating system and screen size assists in optimizing the website according to the smartphone users. i.e a youtube downloader app onwer wants his website to take less loading time, less scrolling and very few clicks to convert leads into the acquisition.

3. Use of SMS marketing

Every hour 58% of smartphones user check their phones. People used to prefer their phones for sending text more than the calling because text messages are very easy to use and untidy.

It is no brain teaser to use text messages as a marketing tool for promoting Flight Ticket Booking Apps. It is an effective tool for marketers that act as a direct marketing tactic and can be used to increase both brand perceptions and revenue.

You can keep a track of these things: who opened your messages, who ignored it, how many times your given link in the SMS is clicked. It is a fast way to attain hundreds of impressions in just a few minutes. It also helps in getting feedback from the users very quickly.

 Messaging is highly regulated by the telecom authority of the country. You need to be aware of the rules and regulations of sending text messages.

4. Listing your app on Mobile Review Website

Another solution is to catch the attention of the Google Play store and Apple store that are working on PR, generating reviews and securing good ratings for your app. Submitting the app on app review website is a great way to create a buzz.


It is no secret that the App reviews website plays a crucial role in buzz creation and helps in the promotion of the app. But finding the trusted app reviews website with ranking is another hard task.


5. Don’t Ignore the PC traffic

Mobile traffic is very essential nowadays but we should not underestimate the PC’s traffic. Desktop users are our potential clients too. So we should aim for balanced traffic and should optimize according to both interfaces.

It has been found that mobile users are more specific at the time of searching for a particular product or services while desktop users tend to take more time to research on various factors before buying your product.

6. Mobile E-mail marketing

Nowadays the rate of emails open on mobile is significantly higher than the desktop. Because of this trend, a marketer should focus on the emails that can fit the mobile experience. Emails should be more personalized according to the receiver.

No one is interested in receiving emails that are irrelevant to them. So you need to select wisely from the consumer data available to you. Emails should be made of :


●    On mobile display, emails appear with fewer characters than the computers do. So your subject line should be precise and short.

●    To maximize your email’s impact, you need to pay attention to preheader text. Preheader text is like the short preview of the email that displayed below the subject line. Therefore write those things that make the receiver curious and want to read the rest.

●    Clear Calls to action should be displayed on emails.

7. Use of QR codes

QR itself means Quick Response. For quick access to the apps, QR codes are the best for the business. QR codes store a lot of information and provide faster and safer transactions services to the customers. Mobile users can quickly be redirected to your websites via scanning the QR codes.

8. Understanding the consumer's behavior

Focusing on proliferating sources of mobile location data helps in understanding the consumers’ behavior. To provide an amazing experience to the user, testing and tracking are necessary.

Various mobile analytics tools are available, you need to make sure to experience a few of them and expertise the one that is best for your business. After finding the best analytics tool for your business, regularly analyze your results and pay attention to which result works for you.

9. Encourage testimonials and display them on your app

Very few people used to take out time to provide the feedback. So you need to make short and direct feedback form. A pop-up, live chat or an email will work perfectly for this.

Neat and simply accessible forms are preferred by the users. It should not take less time. Displaying positive testimonials about help in making up the mind of the customer to download the 9Apps.

Mobile App marketing is an ever-changing environment and every app owner or marketer should be aware of the changing standards of the industry.