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How to Skyrocket your Website With SEO in 2019

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique which focuses on increasing a websites ranking on search engines such as Google. This in turn increases the number of visitors to the website.

SEO consultants and agencies work to ensure your website appears at the top whenever a potential customer uses keywords or key phrases. Good SEO in 2019 can cost thousands of dollars each month. In this article I will provide a guideline on how you can optimize your website for search in 2019.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research should not be taken lightly this is one of the foundation tasks for SEO. Keywords are everything in search. However keywords should be framed using natural language, which is simple to understand an not read like it was plugged into a piece of software and churned out.

It should be noted that search engines are moving away from ranking sites directly on keywords but rather on topics. Search engines like Google are smart enough to tell if you search for a keyword like, “Digital marketing consultant” they may provide results containing a “Small business marketing consultant.”

Keywords and topics should be related to the products or the type of business, if not, then this will increase your bounce rate which in turn decreases your search engine rankings. A bounce rate is when a website visitor visits a website and then leaves after a specified duration.

This is a sign that they have not found the type of content they are searching for. Search engines are in business to provide the most relevant content from trusted sites at the top of their results


Voice Search Engine Optimization

The current technology of search engines has come with voice search capabilities. This is not as simple as the term implies. Focus on keywords that carry the correct meanings and pronunciations to minimize the problem of language barriers. Also lookout for other keywords which are closely pronounced the same for the audience to choose the correct one. Voice search research should look into what topics competitors have not yet identified for opportunities.

SEO Auditing

A SEO audit is the process of examining and testing a website for a number of factors that search engines look for when they determine rankings. It measures the progress and determines the direction the optimization should take.

You don’t need to pay for a fancy audit from a consultant or agency there are several free options online like Zadroweb’s SEO auditor. Or if you want a tool with more bells and whistles then you can look into SEMrush’s audit tool which has features such as prioritizing SEO issues and deciding what to fix first.

Site Audit With SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a powerful SEO platform that offers a complete set of marketing tools great for small business owners who manage their websites as well as SEO professionals and digital agencies. The platform offers everything you need to promote your website and is easy to use even if you have zero experience in online marketing.

Social Media & SEO

Social media improves SEO ranking. One task I do when working with a new website and to build trust is to start building out social media profiles. I carefully take the time to fill out all the details such as the business name, website, email and description. Whenever possible I interlink the social media profiles randomly to give them a boost. 

Social media can be used to funnel leads into the businesses website. Another signal Google is looking for is a website’s traffic. To track the source of your websites traffic which includes social channels, Google Analytics should be installed and setup. Monitoring your analytics can be used as a basis to make website improvements.

Content Creation

Google is actively looking to rank sites that publish frequent content. When you publish something on a content management systems like Wordpress it sends a signal (Ping) to search engines like Google. Content marketing should be taken as complementary to search engine optimization.

Landing Page SEO

This is the first page the audience interacts with when they land on a website typically through paid social or paid search. Because you are paying for the traffic you want to give yourself the best chance to convert the visitor into a lead or sale.

The optimization of this page involves a number of activities including improving the loading speed to avoid delays to the audience. The overall design of the landing page should also be done taking into account conversions. Furthermore competitor research can be done by researching the businesses who are paying for Google Ads and reverse engineering the page to come up with the best design and overall strategy.

The reason why we are choosing paid search for competitor research is because these websites are paying good money per click and have taken the time to carefully craft their landing page for conversions.


Search Engine Optimization a Long Term Business Investment

Although the it may seem as a steep upfront cost SEO shouldn’t be overlooked. SEO should be considered as a long term business investment as it does take time. You don’t need to hire an agency when starting out, many of the fundamental tasks for 2019 are mentioned in this guide.


Lorenzo Gutierrez ventured into the SEO industry over a decade ago while working on a project. He found it to be his passion and now offers it as a service for his marketing agency. Lorenzo is from the Central Coast of California; between LA and the Bay Area which he likes to visit in his free time trying out new restaurants or popular local spots. Connect with Lorenzo on his social media accounts LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.