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Build Best Taxi Booking App Clone for Profitable Taxi Business

What could be more convenient and enjoyable knowing that your taxi is waiting right outside for you? Such is the advent of the technologies, where it has become easy and quick to book a taxi in a single click. Taxi app clone development has become an emerging trend in the present date’s business world. It makes it easy to book a taxi from anywhere.

In today’s cut-throat competition entrepreneurs are looking for ways to increase their revenue and customer base. Owing to the increasing demand for a Uber kind of clone app, having an on-demand taxi booking clone app can attract a huge audience, generating profits.

Read on the post to find out how building an app clone for your taxi business can be the best idea. 

How Does Taxi Booking Clone App Work?

Likewise Uber and OLA, these taxis booking apps come built-in with similar features. This on-demand app acts as a bridge connecting the users and drivers.

The user – rider will be logging in to the app and booking for the ride. On the other hand, the drive receives the notification to take the booking for the fellow rider who has booked the ride. The driver will then pick up the rider and drop to the said destination. The rider will pay for the ride which can be cash, Wallet or card. Once the ride is complete, both get the notification and the rider gets to review and give feedback of the same.

What Kind Of Benefits Do You Get From A Taxi Clone App?

Taxi clone apps are one of the most used apps and for the same reasons, it has its ever-increasing customer base. It is an app that everyone uses and will need it more in the coming years.

According to the stats, the user engaging in the taxi booking app is 19.3% in 2020 and expects to hit at a rate of 20.6% by 2024.

The on-demand taxi booking app comes with a set of benefits so that your business starts generating revenue the moment it is launched:

Easy customization

Every entrepreneur expects that their app is easy to customize. The features can be updated and upgraded without a hassle. We are pro at developing a taxi booking clone app that comes with complete customized availability of source code.

Safe and secure payment

Your taxi booking clone app comes with multiple secured payment options that make your app transparent. Providing hassle-free payment options will encourage your users to use it more.

Live to track

The taxi booking clone app comes built with the live tracking feature where you can track all your bookings happening on your device itself.


Every entrepreneur wishes to buy a clone app that is affordable to buy and easy to maintain. We suffice their business requirements by ensuring that our Taxi booking clone app is budget-friendly.

Readymade Solution for Your Taxi Booking Clone App

Are you looking for a ready-made solution for your taxi booking clone apps? We offer you the best solution to take your on-demand taxi booking business to the next level through – Taxi booking clone app. 

Taxi clone app is very much like “Uber” – it is a readymade solution that helps entrepreneurs in launching their own taxi booking business with hassle-free customization, modern technology, easy scalability, and take your business to the next level within a short time. 

The premium (advanced) features of our Taxi Clone On-demand app includes:

  • Launch of website and admin panel on hosting server
  • Android App installation on Google play store
  • iOS / Android App rejection support - free
  • Free and licensed source codes
  • Free manual taxi dispatch panel
  • Gender-based preferences
  • Payment options
  • Taxi-hailing
  • Schedule a ride at a later time
  • White label Uber clone taxi app
  • 365 days free bug support
  • Strict adherence to the privacy policy
  • Free language integration
  • Free currency integration
  • Internal text chatting between the driver and the rider
  • Geofencing

We also have a custom-built COVID19 Safety advanced features including:

  • Face mask verification
  • Safety checklists
  • Ride cancellation
  • Restricted passenger limit
  • Safety-related ratings and reviews

Closing thoughts 

After driving through all the Taxi app clone features, if you still have a question that if building this app is right for your taxi business, let us tell you that there are a lot of successful taxi booking clone apps in the market. 

If you are looking at a readymade on demand taxi booking clone app, then make sure that you take a deep look at the feature that it comes with. Make a list of the features that you think are crucial for your business and discuss with the company to remove the unnecessary ones. This way you will be charged for the stuff that you have selected. Make sure that you most certainly take a test run of the taxi booking clone app before investing in it so that you are sure of what you will be launching in the market calling under your brand. 

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