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I miss Jeremy, says Stephanie, While he is in the Rehab

Ever since Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell met during the Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, they have had a good share of ups and downs in their relationship. The entire roller coaster ride of their relationship is very well known to the media and their fans.

The couple spent a year as one, facing the highs and falls of their love life and then on January 13th, 2017, they welcomed their first child together.

Monday morning was indeed a delight for all Stephanie & Jeremy fans as the lady confirmed that she is back with the tattooed model. Stephanie Davis appeared on the popular show This Morning on 24th April, when she gave the confirmation.

And now, the reality TV celebrity has shared a heart-touching post with her over 780k Instagram followers admitting that she really misses her beau while he is in the luxury recovery center.

The post has a touching picture of them, in which, Jeremy McConnell together with Stephanie is relaxing in the bed. Jeremy has his arm around his lady while they both look into each other’s eyes with love and intimacy. The duo looks so cozied to the camera and makes a perfect love sight.

The caption of the video was equally love filled, Stephanie wrote: "Goshhh I miss this one! The chemistry. Not long now!"

The fans were out wild with love for the couple and many posted their wishes for the couple. The Hollyoaks actress received too many comments quoting that “they love” the photo shoot.

A comment on the picture reads, "Love this!! Ignore the haters you two are fab congratulations on Caben," while another fan added, "Nobody can deny they’re a stunning pair."

The sweet post by Stephanie comes up while Jeremy is in a luxury recovery center for his recovery from a drug problem. He will be there for 65 weeks before he is cleared up to walk out sober again.

The singer had an interaction with leading online magazine before heading in, she said, "From the beginning of last year, from when I was trying to prove to everyone I was pregnant and everything like that, Jeremy has had a drug problem.

"He has agreed to go to rehab for six weeks. It will be quite immediate."

The 24 old year singer added, "He has had a drug problem which he has now admitted to, which is brilliant because for the whole year and the half, when someone can’t admit they have a problem – that’s the problem. And now he has admitted it. And so I’m willing to stand by him and help him."

And she confirmed the same while talking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby she said that she has his consent and is really proud of him because he admitted his addiction.

"I’m really proud of him. I love him. When you love someone and you’re in a relationship you’ve got to stick by them.

Stephanie shares how he has to see Jeremy kill himself in front of her each day. The drug had really taken a toll on him. Stephanie say’s he is not a bad man but just addicted.

Celebrities have often seen checking in "Alo House Recovery" for clean up. But, mostly they do not prefer to let the news air in. This was different. We wish Jeremy an early recovery and wish the couple have a happily ever after.