Nikki Gill for Teton County Commissioner

10 locals on why they are voting for Nikki Gill

10 locals on why they are voting for Nikki Gill

Photo: Amy Flores Renova with sons Juan, Adan and Abraham

(Teton County, Wyo.) - “Just like the four generations of my family who lived in Jackson before me, I care deeply about our community. As County Commissioner I plan to fight to maintain the community character that makes Jackson so special. The working families, middle class and local businesses that make-up our community core are the ones most affected by our housing crisis. If we lose these groups, we lose the heart and soul of Jackson Hole.

"I grew up here and understand how important it is for the families of our community to remain in our community. My friends are beginning to have children, I will soon have children. I’m invested in making Jackson a healthy place for the next generation of families and small businesses. My friends, neighbors, and others in our community need help now, and I’m ready to find those solutions, now. I’m about making common sense solutions that put our middle class and working families first,” said 5th generation Jackson Hole native and Teton County Commissioner candidate Nikki Gill.

But don't take it from her, here are 10 locals' perspectives on why they are voting for Nikki Gill for Teton County Commissioner:

1. Amy Flores Renova with sons Juan, Adan, and Abraham.

"I have first handedly witnessed the hard work, the dedication, and the love that Nikki Gill has for this beautiful valley we get to call home, and the valley I get to raise my boys in. That is why I am voting for Nikki Gill.”

2. Anne, Clay, Charlie, and baby Stuart Bradley

"We're voting for Nikki Gill because she gives our family a voice in local politics.”

3. Jane Carter-Getz

"I’m so excited that Nikki is running for Teton County Commissioner because she has deep roots in this valley and cares so much about it. Please vote for Nikki Gill.”

4. Bob Lucas

"Im voting for Nikki Gill because I think she represents my values, the local values that I grew up with and she comes from a long history and a family that protects the land.”

5. Rene Woodmencey

"I'm voting for Nikki Gill because I think it's important to have a young perspective on the Board of County Commissioners."

6. Carrie Patterson Schrauder with son Henry and pup Maia

"I'm so proud to have already voted for Nikki Gill. Born and raised in Jackson, her ranching roots and family's dedicated history have already molded her into a genuinely earnest and steadfast community leader. She is committed to preserving our valley's unique western character and sensible values, as well as balancing our desire for growth while ensuring the protection of our iconic natural resources and wildlife. Furthermore, Nikki is prepared to hold our local leaders accountable by insisting on smart, insightful and effective solutions to our valley's most critical needs.

"I've gotten to know Nikki over the past couple years - She is a person of integrity, devoted wife, remarkably loyal family member, and committed to making a difference in Teton County for the foreseeable future."

7. Mike Keegan

"Like most of you, I don’t vote for a party, I vote for the candidate that I believe is the best for all of us. That’s why I’m voting for Nikki Gill for Teton County Commissioner.”

8. Amy Asbell

"I have been an educator in the Teton County schools for 23 years. I support Nikki Gill for Teton County As a 5th generation Teton County resident, she is well versed about the unique community we live in and the challenges we face. She is willing to think outside the box to solve our housing crisis. Nikki Gill is Teton County. I’m voting for Nikki on November 8th, as should you."

9. Tr Pierce

“I am supporting Nikki Gill for Teton County Commissioner because she brings the insightfulness of the millennial generation complimented by the historical conservation values of her family’s five generational heritage in Teton County. The Gill and Porter families have a long tradition of innovative visionary leadership in our community. Nikki will carry on their historical legacies by providing the thoughtful guidance needed to advance Teton County forward while honoring and respecting our natural resources and western values. Please join me and vote for Nikki Gill on November 8th.”

10. Leland Christensen

“Having deep roots in this county myself, I have a deep appreciation of what Nikki has gone through and her sense of history. More importantly, growing up here and understanding the challenges of that today we’re facing and also being one of the youth that was raised in Jackson Hole, she understands what it’s going to take to find success for Teton County for our future. That tough balance of natural resources, of open space and reasonable development that keeps this place livable. Nikki Gill has what it takes.”

Learn more about Nikki Gill in the article “5th Gen Native Nikki Gill Sets Out to Preserve the Past and Strengthen the Future of Jackson Hole” or at