5 Irrefutable Reasons to Choose AngularJS

AngularJS as a JavaScript framework enjoys unparalleled popularity for a wide variety of web and mobile apps. While the language continued to dominate web and mobile app development, it is high time to figure out the reasons that make most developers choose it. Knowing these reasons is particularly important for aspiring new developers who often remain confused about the choice of skills they need to focus upon.

Here we explain 5 Irrefutable reasons to choose AngularJS.

1. Write less code

The best thing about this JavaScript framework is that you need to write far less code while using this framework for app development. This framework does not require writing your own MVC pipeline. Moreover, just because the view always carries the HTML attributes, tweaking with the codes get simple and more concise. You have simple data models to work with that do not require getters and setters. The easy data binding gives you the exemption of putting data manually into the view. Furthermore, you face least integration issues just because the directives are provided separately from the app code. The developers can also make use of filters to tweak the data to be included in the view.

2. A declarative user interface

AngularJS by using HTML for the app’s user interface makes it easier for the developers to ascertain the final look and feel of the respective app. HTML being a declarative language can easily help the developers making out the user interface of the app. HTML is also most organised and concise to give you an instant idea of the interface being developed. The HTML view also allows the developers to collaborate with other developers easily.

The HTML being the easiest and most commonly used web language for the vast majority of apps and web interfaces helps to determine the execution of the app as well. The declarative elements of the HTML that clearly identifies “What” is getting loaded and “How” is getting loaded, simplifies the development and easily determines the final look and feel of the app interface.

3. High Performance

The ultimate reason to embrace AngularJS is its robust performance. Complete with powerful and spontaneous features and a lot of potential elements that are part of most popular and widely used frameworks, there is no surprise in the increasing popularity of AngularJS.  Some of the key features that empower this great app development framework include Data Binding, Filters, Animations, Scope Management, API Client, Directives, Routing, Content Sanitization, Form Validation, etc. The developers while using AngularJS can easily address the issues and take initiatives to make the interface better without putting much efforts.

4. Easy modular solutions

With Angular.js the developers can build a wide variety of apps by using several modules. These modules can work independently or in an autonomous manner. While some modules will work with their inbuilt dependencies, some are equipped to work independently and on its own to deliver a particular App feature or interface element. The best this is AngularJS identifies the particular situations where additional components are needed. The framework is loaded with all kinds of components and modules required for different tasks in the app development process. Moreover, the framework always allows you to build an app with a pretty varied and diversified structure as well.

5. It's Comprehensive

The ultimate reason for choosing this framework is its comprehensive and all-round ability to provide all that developers need in most app development projects. AngularJS is a complete solution that can ensure fast-paced app development without looking outside for any other resources and tools. To explain how comprehensive and total a solution this framework provides let us have a look at the key attributes.

  • It allows RESTful actions so that communication between the server and the client becomes easier and simple.
  • The framework comes equipped with MVVM which means you can continue building the end product with the Views based on HTML expressing your code to guide you throughout.
  • It offers Data Binding and Dependency Injection to ensure incorporating changes easily across the app when anything is replaced or added.
  • Lastly, the framework offers Enterprise-grade testing to ensure that you do not require any additional help from other frameworks or plugins for testing.


Finally, there is one reason that always makes AngularJS an irreplaceable programming choice for building sophisticated mobile-ready apps this is nothing but the huge global community of AngularJS developers. The open source framework with a big community can always offer you help in solving issues and dealing with complexities while building an app.