Alarming Identity thefts that can make you think more about your Identity? 

Looking to know and understand the severity of identity theft in this modern age? Here are 7 alarming statistics that can make you go and hide in a small hole with all your personal information! Yes, the trend of stealing the identity from someone else and using it for the personal and evil purpose. The identity thieves in the year 2016 are thrifty and no one is exempted from their trickery.

In the last two years itself, more than 1 Billion records that contained personally identifiable information were leaked.

1. Medical identity theft is on rising and as high as 500,000 victims are prone to such crime. Identity thieves use random social security numbers acquired from tax forms and no need to say or predict that it could be yours as well.

2. The number one Consumer Complaint to the FTC in the year 2014 was Identity Thefts. In fact, it has been ranked on first place for the last 15 running years.

3. Children and elders are also susceptible to identity theft. Since that, most of the people under the age of 18 years are not active when it comes to applying for credit and monitoring and thus this age group people can easily become a prey to such thieves.

4. 19 people on average, become a victim of identity theft every minute. Read LifeLock reviews to know how an identity theft software can help you get rid of such dangers and risks.

5. It requires an average victim a whopping amount of $500 and as high as 30 hours to resolve each identity theft crime.

In case, you are worried about this problem and want to safeguard yourself then you can freeze your credit just to protect your identity. You just need to pay a small amount of money in order to protect your personal information from being used to obtain a new line of credit.

How to know if my identity has been stolen?

Tough this is a never ending list yet some gestures that can give you an idea of what to look out for includes:

You will start receiving a bill for the credit card account you have in your name. This means that might be possible the thief has opened an account in your name.

You will no more be receiving email statements.

Unfamiliar purchases being made on your credit card. Even if the amount is $1, challenge it.

Receiving card or store card that you don't even have applied for.

Credit report having suspicious information including unknown queries.

Your credit score is high, but you were denied credit for a loan or new credit card. A thief can easily ruin a credit rating and make your life worse than hell.

You can opt for identity theft protection services that are available in plenty online. These services greatly help you to safeguard your details and information from getting used. Complete your No identity theft goal by relying on anti-theft protection software that offer the essential features at little expenses.