Noor Hossen Biplob

Easy Home Maintenance Guide for your AC System

In every season there is usually a need for an efficient HVAC system. Having such a system makes your life smooth and keeps your home pretty comfy. Additionally is the system is well maintained you’ll not only save money on energy but also have a near perfect experience. The most valuable thing is you will also be able to expand the lifespan of your AC unit and realize the value for your money. Trust me a great HVAC unit is therefore a very important part of your home.

A complete system will contain a furnace, heat pump, and an AC system. Meaning that while an HVAC repair could be pretty easy you might still need an expert on the sides, here are the most important steps on an AC system maintenance that you should always keep in mind to have your system on point.

Step 1

Start by shutting off the power inlet/ system in your home. You can do this at the cut-out. It is not ideal to work around powered electric devices as this can be very fatal. And because the AC has so many moving parts, these parts can easily pose a hazard while working. If you can’t use the cut-out system on the exterior shut off box, you can turn off the breaker box too. Ask an expert to help. The same should apply when dealing with other electric home appliances too.

Step 2

Now that you have turned off the power, you should remove any debris that has accumulated in your system overtime. Do this by removing the fan cage on the exterior. Simply lift the cage away from the top of your AC unit and use a wet micro fiber rag or a vacuum cleaner to wipe it clean. A vacuum cleaner on the other side will be used to force out stubborn debris, leaves, and dirt that may have accumulated in the interior. The same drill should apply to an AC with a fan grill too.

Step 3

For HVAC systems with the best Home Air Filters, the next step is to clean the fins. This is easy. Simply get a strong steam from your garden hose and spray the fins of your AC system. This is good as it will blast out any dirt that may have accumulated in between the fins too. However, avoid the use of a pressure washer as the power from the washer can easily damage the fins. In case you find the dir excess, you can always try out a commercial fin spray that your manufacturer recommends.

Step 4

This is the final step. Straighten up the fins. Any reduction in airflow through the fins will reduce the efficiency of your system. Meaning the fins should always be very straight. You can use a butter knife or any fin straightening tools that are available in the market. Stick with what your manufacturer recommends. While doing this, remember to be very gentle as you don’t want to cause any damage to the tubing embedded within.

To wrap up the job and put back your AC units you should always follow these steps too.

• Clean the external area of the AC unit.

• Level up the AC Unit.

• Clean the evaporator coil.

• Clean a plugged evaporator drain.

• Change the blower filter.

• Turn the power and AC on.


Make sure your AC unit has the best Home Air Filters in place. This will improve the efficiency and allow the HVAC unit to run smoothly. It has worked for me always and I bet it won’t give you anything less.

Having an efficiently running AC system in your home means you will be enjoy a good time in your home always. You should therefore make sure that your AC system is usually well maintained.