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Nox Lux Unveils 3 New Marine LED and Off Road LED Product Lines

Nox Lux Unveils 3 New Marine LED and Off Road LED Product Lines

Nox Lux Updates Inventory, Adds New Line of Marine LED lights, New Scene Beam LED Off-road Lights, and New Dual Purpose LED Tail Lights Series.

A premium Offroad LED lights and auto accessory retailer, Nox Lux, has recently announced the addition of three new product lines to their website ever expanding list of hot new on and off road products.

According to a spokesperson for Nox Lux, the website has added a marine LED lighting series, a new scene beam off road LED light series, and last but not least, a new dual purpose LED tail light system for back up lights (white) and braking (red) applications.

Nox Lux's Marine LED Lighting Series for boats, yachts, sail boats, jet ski’s, commercial ships, and other types of watercraft.

Off road LED Scene Lights

Off-road LED Lights, Scene Beam Series, are for applications where a wide beam of intense light is needed in front of a vehicle. Works well for Jeeps, Trucks, ORV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, fork lifts, tow trucks, farm equipment, construction machinery, snow plows, Semi’s, big rigs, etc.

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LED Tail Lights

The new dual functioning LED Tail Lights series are equipped with both back up and brake lighting systems all in one unit. This new product line of premium off road LED tail lights implement the newer “Scene Beam” configuration. The scene beam configuration allows the backup lights and braking lights to project an immensely bright, yet wide spread cloud of light all around the back and sides of the vehicle, ensuring maximum visibility while increasing safety when backing up or stopping.

These new dual purpose LED tail lights, as well as the other new LED lighting series and systems from Nox Lux, are for the serious gear heads that require only the best for their vehicle for both work or play.

About Nox Lux-

Nox Lux, a premium Offroad LED light and marine LED light retailer. Providing hyper performance LED light bars, LED pod cubes, mini LED rock lights, LED tail lights, LED grille kits; coming in round, square, flush mount; in single row or dual row; with CREE or Oslon LED’s; in different beam patterns- Spot beam, Driving beam, Flood beam, Fog beam, Combo beam, Diffusion beam, Scene beam. Nox Lux also carries premium emblem and decal kits, tail gate inserts, running boards, skid plates, and much more.

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