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Raintree Care Services & Senior Residences: Memory Care, Stroke Rehabilitation, and Assisted Living in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines – If you are searching for a Manila nursing home to care for your loved one, then you can rely on the expert services of Raintree Care Services & Senior Residences. They offer quality care in a well-managed facility so that you can have the peace of mind that your loved one will be taken care of professionally and with the utmost respect at all times. This residence offers skilled nursing care, memory care and long term care.

Putting your loved one in a nursing home may not be the easiest decision as you would love for them to stay with you at home. However, there are certain cases when they require special medical care that might not be provided in the home and is best received from professional health care providers like doctors, nurses and physical therapists. It is a major adjustment and an emotionally challenging process for the family, more especially for the person directly involved. Thus, it is your responsibility to find the best nursing home that can provide the highest possible care. This being the case, if you are searching for a nursing home in the Philippines, particularly in Manila and Muntinlupa, you can always rely on Raintree Care Services & Senior Residences, a premier provider of excellent nursing care whose aim is to champion the quality of life for all seniors in the country. They care about each of their residents and value their individualism and the wishes of their families.

What separates this nursing home from others is their team of highly trained professionals who are specifically trained to meet the needs of their residents and home based clients. They have the right training and skills to care for people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other forms of memory loss. The president of the residence, Michael Deakin, is the managing director of Lifeline Ambulance Rescue, Inc. and Lifeline EMS Academy, Inc. He has participated in several technical working committees of the Department of Health and Department of Tourism and was one of the original incorporators of the Philippine Retirement Incorporated. They have a rehabilitation doctor, geriatrician, nurses, caregivers, physical therapists and other health care professionals who work hand in hand to provide their residents with the best possible care.

Their main services include memory care, stroke rehabilitation care and long term care. Their memory care services include Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care which helps residents cope with daily activities. Residents are encouraged to participate in activities in the facility not only to promote physical, emotional and social wellbeing but also to enhance their joy, sense of belonging and satisfaction. Activities such as gardening, assisted cooking and the like are done to provide purposeful and meaningful, successful movements. All their programs and activities are based on the latest research from Europe and the United States.

This Manila nursing home is the first and only stroke rehabilitation center in Manila, Philippines. They offer long-term stroke rehabilitation service with the goal of helping stroke survivors develop their independence in order to regain the best possible quality of life. Their programs help patients relearn essential skills they have lost which include: leg movement coordination when walking, completion of steps involved in complex activity, dressing and bathing, and effective communication for those whose language may have been compromised. They house physical therapist, occupational therapists and speech language pathologist for a holistic stroke rehabilitation care.

Finally, Raintree Care Services & Senior Residences also offers long-term assisted living for residents who require more specialized services and care than what can be offered at home. They provide round-the-clock nursing care in a homelike setting with all employees treating each resident with respect and dignity to ensure comfort and ease at all times. Their team is dedicated to providing customized services to meet the unique needs of their residents so that families can rest assured that their loved ones are under great care.

For compassionate, skillful and highly-trained health care professionals who will provide the highest level of care for senior residents, choose Raintree Care Services & Senior Residences. They are a trusted and reliable nursing home in the Philippines whose team will go above and beyond to provide quality care for your loved ones. For more details, you can browse through their website at or give them a call at 0917-751-5151 (Don Rosario Residence) or +63 2 874 5283 (main office).