Chinese military   new laser weapons

In order to counter air defense weapons effectively, the development of 300mw Green Laser Pointer weapons become the representative weapons which is used to break the traditional air defense weapons limits.

Laser Pointer Most Powerful

As for the fiber 1000mw Laser , the United States IPG single-mode fiber laser is also achieved 10KW output, continuous work up to ten thousand hours. 

Due to the widely use of stealth laser weapons, the combat increases greatly, and with the increasingly complex battlefield electromagnetic interference, all kinds of infrared deception and various UAV reconnaissance greatly reduced. 
The United States has always attached great importance to the research of 1000mw laser weapons, chemical laser weapons have passed several tests and verification, but its own defects lead to the application in air defense has a lot of problems can not be solved. In recent years, solid state laser and fiber laser have been paid more attention, and it has been shown as a good application prospect in the field of air defense. The combination of high power solid state laser project is the key support of the U.S. Department of defense.American Grumman has been engineered to achieve single module output 15KW laser, 7 beam coherent combination to achieve the output power of the 100KW to come to the laser weapon grade. This kind of laser weapon can be used to destroy the targets.

The United States Navy and air force showed a keen interest immediately, the single mode fiber laser and non coherent integration synthesis weapon system can destroy the low altitude targets, and has been completed on the 4 UAV intercept test. In addition, the coherent combination technology is also used to increase the fiber laser to the 100KW output, which is used to equip a new type of combat aircraft.