BtoB: what place for email in marketing strategy?

Massively used by professionals to transmit information in a commercial perspective, email has seen its role evolve within the marketing strategy. Analysis.

Invented 45 years ago, the email system has since conquered the Internet. But at the time of the permanent digital revolution, social media and connected objects, what place for the (almost) fifties email?

An information channel always used ...

One thing is certain: email remains widely used by business database marketing companies and marketers to convey information to prospects. According to the latest study by the agency QuatrVents, specializing in BtoB communication, 89% of corporate decision-makers are exposed to advertising emails, and 86% subscribe to an electronic newsletter.

" The basis of a good emailing strategy is the base of contacts, but in B2B it is rather easy to acquire them, for example, thanks to the white papers, or the demonstration request forms ", recalls Guillaume Fleureau, marketing director of Sarbacane, professional emailing solution.

... wisely?

But is it effective so far? According to QuatreVents' study, email is far from being the most credible vector of information: only 9% of decision-makers consider it as such, 16% for a newsletter.

However, according to a study conducted by the consulting firm Sirius Decisions and presented in January 2016 during an event organized by the Adetem the sending of a newsletter is judged by BtoB marketing professionals as one of the most important tactics. the efficient way to generate requests and support prospects throughout the sales channel.

For its part, email is considered one of the most effective ways to execute prospecting, education and proposal actions.

In view of these elements, it appears that email remains a preferred tool for transmitting commercial information and to receive it. The media is relevant, but it's the content that makes the difference. It is ultimately more of a problem of substance than of form. " Basic self-promotion is gone." Professionals, like individuals, are seeking exclusive offers, such as individual promotional codes.The prospect must feel privileged, "says Guillaume Fleureau. Professional recipients, therefore, seek value-added information and expertise.

A legitimate speech

For professionals, it is, therefore, a question of arousing interest, no longer simply by promoting one's business or solution, but through legitimate speaking on the subjects that are common to the prospect's sector of activity, and to the proposed offer. " The email can open a conversation, especially if the address of the sender is a real address," says INFODATAPLACE.

Manipulated with care and sent at the right time, to the right person, with the right message - according to the immemorial canons of marketing, email is an effective tool to generate requests and accompany the prospect to the transaction.