Here's A Quick Way to Solve the Manual Hours Calculating Problem

The work hour calculator is of great significance for employees because of its great ability to monitor their working hours for the managers to know the exact amount of both regular and overtime work period for their paychecks. This discovery is recommended for small business owners, large business owners, employers, employees, and every other person that needs to estimate an accurate calculation of worked hours in order to earn their paychecks.

You can discover more with the utilization of this tool as this can also account for overtime pay rate, starting hour/day, lunch/ breaks, regular pay rate, end working hours/ day, and overtime rule (here; users can pick from either after eight hours per day, after forty hours per week or no overtime at all).

The flexibility of this tool is awesome because it allows its users to add as many time sheets as might be desired by simply pressing the (+1 Day) button. It does not require any formula; the clarity between the start working hours and the end working hours is easily accessible. Additionally, the hour calculator displays the regular, breaks, lunch, and overtime worked hours detailed with each working days through the time sheet, even in PDF format. 

Quick Calculation through the Hours Calculator

  • Input the hours and minutes in the first column. You can easily view the totals in the second column.

  • This second step is optional; Input the NAME and the DATE of your recordings. This will be included in your print out or the email version you are using.

  • This is also optional; input the hourly rate you desire to use then press “CALCULATE” this will display your total payments due.

  • You can finally print or email your worked hours result in a permanent record keep.

Let’s consider the case of an hourly pay rate that is set at a period of 6.84, with the set overtime pay rate of 8.15 and the limit that is after 8 hours each day. The following table is detailed with the information that has been inputted with the hour calculator.


Working Days         Starting Hour/s      Ending Hour/s                    Lunch/Breaks

Day1                         8:00 am                    6:35 pm                               43 min

Day 2                        9:10 am                    7:35 pm                               35 min

Day 3                        8:40 am                    7:25 pm                               32 min

Day 4                        9:00 am                    6:40 pm                               54 min

Day 5                        8:35 am                    6:14 pm                               45 min

Day 6                             -                                 -                                            -

Day 7                             -                                 -                                            -

The result of the calculation is:

Working Days         Normal                    Overtime                           Total

Day1                         8:00                         1:52                                     9:52

Day 2                        8:00                         1:52                                     9:50

Day 3                        8:00                         2:13                                     10:13

Day 4                        8:00                         0:46                                     8:46

Day 5                        8:00                         0:54                                     8:54

Day 6                           -                                  -                                           -

Day 7                          -                                  -                                           -

The Grand Totals 

  • Regular hours = 40:00:00             
  • Overtime = 7:35
  • Total     = 47:35:00 

Before now, most employees do earn a fixed rate of paychecks regardless of the number of hours worked. Recently, there is an easy access to an accurate knowledge of hours worked based on pay period; this will ensure a perfect planning as well as budgeting based.