How ProProfs Chat Can Help In Improving ROI For Your Business

Running a successful business is no piece of cake. It takes grit, vision and sound decision making in all aspects, especially financial, to turn a venture into a success story. No business can afford to mindlessly spend their hard earned money on tools or software that doesn’t directly add a decent value to the overall turnover. In short, every dollar that you spend on your business should yield a size able amount back to justify its cost.

And a Live Chat software is one such tool that improves the bottom line. Implementing one can drastically improve the sales, conversions and repeat business. If you are standing at the crossroads, and are being indecisive about whether to go in for one for your website or not, then, this article is for you.

An advanced live chat software tool can emphatically improve the ROI for your business, provided you use it effectively to realize its true potential.

Benefits of Live Chat Software

Let’s have a look at the ways in which Proprofs live chat software can help improving the ROI for your business.

Directly Increases Sales

This is the most conspicuous way in which live chat software can improve the ROI of your business. A feature-rich modern tool like Proprofs Chat can lead to a significant jump in your sales output by generating more leads as well as converting them.

Unlike offline stores, web stores are accessible round the clock. You can deploy a 24X7 live chat support by employing chat executives in multiple shifts to get the most out of your business. If that is budget intensive, simply convert your live chat for sales into a lead generation form that collects the contact details of your visitors and their requirements. Then contact them through chat or email or phone call whenever you’re live again. This ensures that there are no lost opportunities at any time of the day.

Live chat for sales allows you to monitor your website users and prompt them for help in case they seem troubled in proceeding with their purchase. With real-time help in solving issues, you can ensure that more users are converted into customers, leading to more sales.

Moreover, well-trained chat executives can even up-sell to your users and increase the average order value significantly.

Aids In Improving User Experience

Proprofs live chat software and other such advanced chat tools let you maintain a historic archive of all user chats at your disposal. Moreover, you can monitor and observe your live chat executives while they are interacting with a user. Additionally, you can take feedback and surveys at the end of every chat to gauge the customer satisfaction levels.

Such features allow you to identify the common problems that most users are facing with your website. Let’s say a lot of users are facing issues in removing some items from their cart, for which they contact your chat executives frequently. You need to modify your website so that they don’t face this issue anymore.

Live chat is a great way to connect with your users and customers to get valuable feedback for improving your service.

Enhances Customer Service Levels

Every person in the world craves to connect with another human to seek assistance when in need. Similar is the case when they require assistance in buying something, resolving a service issue or have a grievance to be addressed.

Live chat software for website does exactly that and lets users connect to a real person for all their service needs. No wonder more and more users prefer live chat instead of email or phone support for their service needs.

This is the age of instant gratification and everything needs to be done as fast as possible. Emails never guarantee a prompt response, and no one likes to press a bazillion keys for getting to talk to a service executive over phone.

In a way, a good tool like Proprofs live chat software is key to higher customer service levels.

Helps You Better Understand Your Customer Base

Having an online store has its own benefits and drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is that you don’t get to see your customers face-to-face and interact with them. But every business needs to get feedback on their products and services so that they get a chance to improve and serve them even better.

Live chat software is the perfect medium to bridge this gap. It facilitates your interaction with your user base and lets you conduct surveys to know them better. Besides, you can monitor them in real time to gain valuable insights in their buying patterns. Moreover, it can be integrated seamlessly with Google Analytics to effectively track the success of your PPC and other campaigns.

Provides You A Competitive Edge

Customer service is a major differentiating factor that sets you apart from your competition. Excellent service levels ensure that you would have a loyal customer base who loves to buy from you. Live chat solution helps you achieve that with ease.

Having a great customer service ensures that your customers trust you with their next purchases too and hence lead to repeat sales. Besides, they are more than happy in spreading the word around to get you a great word of mouth publicity and direct referrals.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Live Chat Software

Now that you have got a grasp of the usefulness of live chat software, it’s time to focus on some key factors that need to be considered to harness the maximum out of your chat tool.

Respond Promptly, Every Time

Customers expect responses on live chat to be faster than other mediums like emails or phone calls. Make sure you fulfill their expectations at all times. If your executives are offline or busy with other clients, drop in a carefully written message that conveys the same and assuring to be with them soon. And then you better do what you promised!

Ensure Proper Training

Chat executives represent your business when they interact with customers. Ensure they are adept in not just your products, services and policies, but soft skills too.

Balance Automation and Personalization

Automation can boost the productivity of your chat executives by reducing the chat duration with templates. But you should never lose the personal touch to connect emotionally with your clients.

Focus On The Timing

Live chat pop-up should not interrupt with the natural buying process of the users by distracting them. Make sure you have the perfect timing for the same to yield best results.

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Live chat software for website is great investment that lets you catapult the ROI of your business off the charts. Think carefully and invest in the right chat software that lets you achieve all this and more.