Update: Area of Ridgecrest being evacuated due to the fire

*Pitchengine Communities Photo* Update: Ridgecrest from 25th to Odell will remain evacuated and people are asked to steer clear for at least another few hours. We will let you know when you can get back in the area. Belmont from Odell to 25th is now open for people who live in the area. So far we can report that two structures were lost- (a garage and shed). The City of Casper and Casper Fire/EMS report that police are evacuating the area now. There is a fire going over by Ridgecrest. Police have cleared Belmont from Odell to 25th and also Ridgecrest from 25th to Odell. They are asking citizens to stay clear of this area. Evacuation notices have been issued for that area. #oilcity