'This is what America is all about' Students at Centennial Junior High honored Veterans

(Casper, Wyo.) - Today students started the day at Centennial Junior High honoring Veterans of all five branches of service. In a packed gym students crowded to honor twenty-five Veterans, recite the National Anthem and rejoice with Veterans from around Wyoming. ​ Principal Mike Britt commented after the ceremony, "This is a great tradition at our school. This is the 14th Veterans Day celebration at Centennial and I feel that it is an important tradition. It is important to give these men and women the respect that they so deserve and it is great for the students to remember their friends and family members." He then read a great letter from Wyoming Senator John Barrasso and his wife Bobby. ​ Centennial Jr. High students, Taylor Rowe and Kannon Glantz ran the show, honoring the Veterans and Taylor read her speech to honor those who have served. Taylor highlighted three of the best things of being an American which included: 1. Choice of career. 2. Amazing Military that keeps us all safe. 3. Putting food on the table for all Americans. Students, teachers and visitors all took a moment of silence to honor all Veterans and listened to the Centennial band perform the National Anthem: Then the featured guest, Mr. Glenn Catchpole, a Wyoming native from Cody, stepped up to speak to the students. "It is a pleasure for me to be here today with all of you. Many of my kids and grand kids went to Centennial and I thank you all for being here today to honor all of the Veterans of Wyoming and our Nation. We thank them for keeping this country free for so long, and it is a great day to pay our respects." Catchpole stood next to a painted picture of the plane he flew in the Navy, the F-4 Phantom, which he told students was the fastest aircraft in the world in 1958. ​ "The plane was able to leave the ground at 0mph and accelerate to 175 mph in less than two seconds, " commented Catchpole to the wows and excitement of the students. He concluded stating, "I am so proud of all of you students here today, if you get the chance today, or any day to thank a Vet make sure you do! It is what America is all about." ​ ​ #oilcity #reboot