NCSO and the Casper community stepped in to rescue young child

(Casper, Wyo.) - Monday afternoon around 5:00 pm Natrona County Sheriff's Office responded to a five year old boy who was attempting to cross the busy street near thirteen and Wyoming Boulevard. It was reported to us, by one of our readers, that a lady in a red car had swooped in previously before the Natrona County Sheriff Deputy, Brad Legler arrived on scene to assist the young boy. The boys' parents had reported to the Casper Police Department previously that the boy was not at the school at pickup time The reported reader commented to us, "My heart stopped when we drove by and saw a child about 5-6 year old child standing at the intersection about to cross the street in the dark with heavy 5 o'clock traffic. My husband called the police and I turned around. When we got back to the intersection, he had managed to cross the merge lane to the island and was ready to cross the street as the light turned for on coming traffic. He stepped out into traffic. I gasped and started to reach for the door when a lady in a red car in the turn lane got out and ran over to get him. She scooped him up and took him to her car. Just then a Sheriff's truck showed up and she delivered him safely to the officer." Natrona County Sheriff's Sergeant and Public information officer Aaron Shatto, reported that the child had left his lunchbox on the bus that morning, and was given orders by his parents to wait for him to be picked up after school. The young student may have forgotten the orders and got on the bus to retrieve his lunchbox and at his next stop he remembered to walk home. "We just want to urge parents to remind their students of the dangers of crossing busy streets alone.We would also urge our youth to listen to their parents' orders, it is for their own safety," said Sgt. Shatto. "This was a case with a happy ending, but it could have turned out much worse. I commend Deputy Legler he did an excellent job in this situation." "We would also like to thank the Casper community for looking out for the young child as well as all of our youth. It was great to see the community take action in a situation like this one," concluded Sgt. Shatto. #news #oilcity