Woman arrested for grand larceny for abusing company credit card

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Sunday, November 22nd, Casper Police Officers took a report from the owner of Mountain West Technologies. The owner reported to officers, in court records, that one of his employees, Marie Jensen was hired in January of 2015 as a receptionist and was provided with a company credit card in April. The card was to be used to purchase office supplies for the business. Earlier in the week, it was reported, that the owner attempted to make a charge on the card and was denied to to excessive daily use. It was reported that the owner and the finance department analyzed the company's bank records and found numerous purchases to Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Overstock, and The Simple Stores. These purchases appeared to have been purchased with the credit card issued to Jensen. The owner of Mountain West Technologies confronted Jensen with the fraudulent activity, and terminated her employment. He told officers that he told her if she was able to pay the company back in the full amount he would not contact authorities. However, court records show that she was not able to do so. Jensen wrote an apology letter to the owner and accompanying the letter was a two page list of the charges she believed to have made totaling $11,121.94. Detectives at the Casper Police Department obtained a search warrant and it was learned that a value of $1,0702.71 were fraudulent charges on the card. Jensen later met with Casper Police Officers where she admitted she had used a company credit card to make purchases for her personal use without authorization. She stated in records that she did not know why she had done it. She stated that she didn't realize the total dollar amount of the items purchased until she added them up and left her list and apology letter. Detectives went to Jensen's residence and she showed them various items that she had purchased with the company credit card. She was later arrested and charged with grand larceny. It was reported in court records that over the period of less than three months, Jensen had obtained the credit card and made purchases for public use totaling $10,702.71. #oilcity #news