Casper 12-year-old harvested first Ram

Congrats to Ethan Pull of Casper, who harvested this 9-year old ram in the Wood River drainage in Area 5 in early October. While there are always lots of successful sheep hunters in Area 5, this one is a little unusual in the fact that Ethan is only 12 years old! Yes, Ethan drew a sheep license in the very first year his father put him in for it. His father, Joel Pull, tried to explain to his son about just how lucky he was, but he's not sure if it's quite sunk in. Ethan dropped the ram in one shot and his dad, along with four of his uncles who were all there to celebrate and help pack it out. What a great way to start a young hunting career! Nice work, Ethan. #WGFD #oilcity #blaze #news