#HEADSUP: It's time to winterize your vehicle

(Wyoming) - The most recent winter storm that swept through the state resulted in 87 vehicle crashes from the early morning of November 10th through 9 a.m. yesterday (Thursday) morning. As of today, the state's traffic fatality count has reached 131 deaths, compared to 150 persons killed for all of 2014. WYDOT reminds us that, "Winter storms can develop quickly and without warning across Wyoming's high plains and mountains, so it's important for drivers to prepare themselves and their vehicles for any conditions they might encounter on the road." Now is the perfect time to get your vehicle winterized and ready for winter driving conditions. "There are several winterization services that can be performed at home (see below), but with 12 locations across Wyoming, Fremont Motor Company has everything you need to stay safe this winter," said Tom Koshko, Fixed Ops Director. "Don't wait until it too late." *Check out these 8 things you should do to winterize your vehicle and get you ready for winter driving.* *1. Check your battery* *2. Change your wiper blades and refill your wiper fluid* *3. Consider getting snow tires* *4. Check your tire pressure* *5. Check your four-wheel drive* *6. Check your anti-freeze mixture* *7. Stock your car with emergency supplies* *8. Change the oil and adjust the viscosity* *[image: 10d91efe-7d38-4d86-93e0-682f9e6bbcf9.png]* #county10 #oilcity #shortgo #buckrail #dally #county17 #reboot #headsup #fremontmotors