Casper small business owner Charlie Tyrrel plans to run for the Wyoming House seat and 'won't back down'

(Wyoming) - He hails from a place not known by many Wyomingites, but he has grown to love the Equality State and its people. He is a small business owner with big dreams who has always been interested in politics. "It started when I was young, living in Brooklyn, New York; I watched the Nixon vs. Kennedy debate and the seed was planted," said Casper business owner Charlie Tyrrel. Charlie is now 64 years old and has decided that now is the time to step up to the plate and run for congress. "With Representative Cynthia Lummis's public announcement, I knew it was time for a common man to step up to congress," said Tyrrel at his restaurant Charlie T's on Thursday. Tyrrel lived in New York for 38 years until he came to Wyoming for a visit, and he commented, "then I never left." He spend much of his time in Campbell County, working in the coal mines for 15 years. He achieved his Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Doane College in Nebraska and later worked as a commercial pilot for 12 years in Wyoming. He flew for Wyoming Life-flight for six of the 12 and another six for the University of Wyoming's atmospheric research. "Flying for Wyoming Life-flight was such rewarding job," added Tyrrel. Tyrrel has lived in Casper for 10 years and has been running Charlie T's Pizzeria for three. He commented, "I am just a common man with common sense. Our country is broken and going broke, and I am stepping in as an outsider. I am a small business man, not a politician." A few issues that Tyrrel wants to address include; scrapping the 37,000 pages of the current IRS code, eliminating Obamacare, "Obamacare is forcing insurance companies into bankruptcy and something I want to change." He also brought up the issues of social security, and aims to alter the process to reflect the aging population and people living longer. "Closer to Wyoming, I would like to reign in the EPA," said Tyrrel. As for the fight with ISIS, Tyrrel commented that to him it is a kind of immigration problem and he stated, "until we are able to secure our borders, we don't know who is coming in. France thought their borders were secure, and the attacks happened." "The government needs to be smaller and run like a business. I wish there was another 100 people like me who would be willing to go to congress. I cannot do it alone, but I don't mind getting the ball rolling in the right direction." Tyrrel told us that before announcing his election to run, he spoke with former Wyoming Legislator Al Simpson who told Tyrrel, "Just run and have fun." That is exactly what he plans to do. "I am going to take Al's advice and just have fun. Wyoming is my home, where I will continue to live and work, and I will commute to Washington if elected." With Wyoming House Representative announcing her plans to step down a few other Wyomingites stepped up announce their plans to run for congress including Liz Cheney , Jason Senteney of Yoder, Wyoming, and Casper State House Representative Tim Stubson . Tyrrell concluded stating, "It is about being a business man, and Wyoming needs that." He then quoted quoted his favorite musical artist Tom Petty and said, "I won't back down in this race." #oilcity #county10 #dally #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #county17 #news