Casper couple arrested for child abuse following multiple violent allegations

(Casper, Wyo.) - The Casper Police Department has arrested two individuals involved in child abuse that dates back to at least July 2015. 38-year-old Paula Draper and 41-year-old Austin Draper were arrested and charged with child abuse for abusing three children. Paula is charged with one count of child abuse and her husband, Austin, is charged with two counts of child abuse. It was reported in court records, that the two were involved in multiple violent abuse allegations against one another and towards the children. According to court records, and interviews with the kids, in one incident, Paula attempted poured hot grease on Austin and tried to set him on fire with Febreeze. Other reports showed that Austin would use his belt to hit the children and told them that they deserved it. During another incident, one child's finger was broken by Austin during an altercation. Additionally, Austin was reported to have choked one of the kids. Casper Police Department learned of the allegations and reached out to Paula and Austin Draper to come to the station with a lawyer but the affidavit indicates that neither one of them ever returned a phone call or arranged to be interviewed. Detectives and DFS arranged for an interview and evaluation of the three children involved. On November, 17, 2015 Casper Police Detectives received a letter from the doctor who was working with the children and the doctor identified that all three of the children suffered from PTSD from physical abuse. On November, 19, 2015 Casper Police Officers made contact with Austin and Paula Draper and arrested them for child abuse. #oilcity #news