5 Thankful Things in the Oil City

Butter the bread, pass the yams and dive into the turkey and taters...Thanksgiving is almost upon us, Casper! This week we want to think of all the wonderful things that we are thankful for, and we complied a list of the 5 things we are thankful for: *5. The fresh air of Casper Mountain:* *[image: 0 (1).png]* *Above photo: h/t Jim Atack* 4.Wyoming Wildlife, like Thomas Gobbles: [image: 0 (2).png] *3.Wyoming FREEDOM:* *[image: 0 (3).png]* *2.Our Heroes!* *[image: 0 (4).png]* *1. Our Readers Statewide! We could not do it without all of you!* *[image: 0 (5).png]* #oilcity #news