Dispatch: DWUIs, Search and Rescue on Casper Mountain, and More

(Casper, Wyo.) – Here is a recap of law enforcement activity from around Natrona County from the last 24 hours. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. Arrests: *Casper Police Department* Alexander W Anderson, Casper, disturbance, petit larceny. Robert B Bennett, Casper, possession of controlled substance. Anderw L Boyer, breach of peace, under the influence of controlled substance. Mark C David Bulicek, Casper, DWUI. Joseph H Clements, Newcastle, shoplifting. Grace A Coleman, Natrona County, hold for probation and parole. Kaleb S Colter, Bar Nunn, under the influence of controlled substance, simple assault. Christopher A Eye, Casper, DWUI. Christopher D Fleming, Casper, failure to appear. Stephen A Frack, Casper, four failure to appears. David W Frederiksen, Casper, failure to comply, possession of controlled substance. Edward E Hardy, Evansville, DWUI, following too close. Jeffry M Hauer, Minnesota, DWUI, interference w/PO. Joseph M Mahnen, Casper, suspended/revoked DL. Ashley A Moore, Casper, county warrant/hold for agency. Joshua A Nicholson, Casper, DWUI. Linda L Scott, Casper, failure to appear. Ronald J Smith, Casper, failure to appear. Jeremy L Trowbridge, Casper, hold for probation and parole. Sarah M Voss, Casper, DWUI, leaving the scene of accident. Ezra E Wallace, Casper, four failure to appears. *Total Arrests Reported: 21* Calls: Casper Police Department responded to 335 calls including three assaults, five auto burglaries, fifteen disturbances, two drugs, six family fights, two DWUIs, one gas leak, five hit and runs, seven shoplifting. Arrests: *Natrona County Sheriff's Office* Charles A Wilkes, possession of controlled substance or liquid in jail. Patrick M Fromm, DWUI, possession of controlled substance. Deborah F Warax, failure to appear, two Criminal Bench Warrants. Ramon R Pacheco, serve jail time. Raymond Antelope, crsty hold for agency. Jashawn M Crowley, Criminal Warrant. Kevin C Legarreta, bond revocation. Jess L Smith, Criminal Warrant, failure to comply. Marquis A Barnes, serve jail time. Tracy L Emms, crsty hold for agency. *Wyoming Highway Patrol* Glenna L McPherson, unlawful contact. *Mills Police Department * Dellas W Niendorf, DWUI, open container. Troy F Gothard, DWUI, DUS, leaving the scene of accident, improper registration. *Total Inmates Reported: 256* Calls: Natrona County Sheriff's Office responded to 66 calls including one gas leak on Allendale BLVD, one search and rescue call Saturday, three drugs, and two animal problems. #oilcity #news #dispatch