CAEDA's business reporting system recognized nationally

(Casper, Wyo.) - The group at the Casper Area Economic Development Association (CAEDA) has been working diligently to serve the community needs for many years and in May of 2015 they created a new system to help Casper continue to move forward. CAEDA Marketing Director Tracy Campbell commented, "This is something that we are extremely proud of, our dashboard reports." Campbell and Carrie Gomez, Vice President of Business & Community at CAEDA visited Alaska in October to speak at the International Economic Development Council’s annual conference about the reports. "We are the only Economic Development Organization in the state to have this type of presentation of our data, and nationally we stand out as well," Campbell continued. Click the link to see the CAEDA Dashboard reports . "The main purpose of our Dashboard reports is to take the boring spreadsheets and share them in an easier way with the businesses we assist. The more data that we collect, the richer it gets over time." #CAEDA #business #oilcity #news