The Good Dinosaur: A true Wyoming film of grit and adventure

(Casper, Wyo.) - Tuesday night the Wyoming Department of Tourism visited the Oil City with Visit Casper for a special screening of 'The Good Dinosaur' at Studio City. Our western state provided* Pixar *with the backdrop for the tale of a small town Apatosaurus dinosaur, Arlo, who must face the ever-changing and sometimes dangerous, Wyoming weather as he encounters creatures of the west on his journey to his home. Chris Mickey, Media and Public Relations Manager at the Wyoming Department of Tourism, was in attendance for the premier and commented before the adventure began: "Disney's *Pixar *approached us in July looking to partner with us for the film. Once you see the film, I think you will understand why Wyoming was the perfect fit for the movie. We worked with them for four months showing them the landscape, and we are pretty happy with the way it turned out." "We think this movie is really going to push tourism in our state, and we hope it will bring young families into all of our communities," Mickey continued. "Prepare for an emotional roller-coaster; you will laugh, you will cry and I think you will really see how closely tied to Wyoming it is." The Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Brook Kreder also spoke before and commented, "With Al Roker coming to Casper and The Good Dinosaur, it is a very sexy time to be in tourism in Casper. We have a great connection with Pixar, and we are excited to share the film with the community and the state." Then the movie began, showing off the vast landscapes of Wyoming, the lines of pine trees, taking you to places only known to Wyomingites. Arlo and his pet Spot, travel through many areas that are only witnessed during a fall hunting trip or a summer fishing day. Our magnificent Tetons looked majestic on the full screen and the roaming, 'horn heads' show a wild west that was never won by civilization. One can pick out the quacking Aspen trees on a warm sunny day, and the epic change in weather, turning dangerous to those unprepared. The movie did not only capture the dynamic Wyoming landscapes, but it also captured the Wyoming atmosphere. The characters showed true Wyoming grit and had Wyoming stories to tell. A true Wyoming western full of action and adventure that will leave you riding off into a Wyoming sunset. [image: DSCF4988 (2).JPG] #oilcity #county10 #shortgo #reboot #county17 #buckrail #dally #news