Flu drill 'vaccinates' 400 employees against imaginary outbreak

(Casper, Wyo.) - Last month, Wyoming Medical Center conducted a large-scale vaccination in response to a large, county-wide outbreak of Hullabaloo Flu. “There are many reasons WMC needs to drill on these kinds of scenarios, as well as many other scenarios. Hospitals must be prepared to respond to public health emergencies that create a sudden demand on services,” said Andrew Bertapelle, associate VP of nursing and incident commander for the Hullabaloo Flu drill. “Drills such as this allow WMC to test our capabilities to respond to these scenarios in real time. In many of these types of scenarios, WMC will be called upon to provide care to large numbers of ill, injured, exposed and concerned individuals. Thus, planning and drilling for disaster response is of the utmost importance,” he said. As part of the drill, Casper Natrona County Public Health notified WMC of the Hullabaloo Flu outbreak. The state provided vaccine, and WMC was required to quickly administer it to all staff. This was just one of Wyoming Medical Center's yearly training sessions. See photos below provided by WMC: [image: wmchflu2.png] [image: wmchflu4.jpg] [image: wmchflu5.jpg] #oilcity #wmc #news