Big bets and contagious smiles at Poplar Living Center's Casino Night

*(Casper, Wyo.)* - Residents, family, and friends of Poplar Living Center and Garden Creek Rehabilitation in Casper were laying down big bets during Casino Night held November 3rd. The event was held to show Poplar Living Center’s appreciation for the families and friends for all they do to support the community. The evening began with a sampling of the new cuisine that will be on Poplar Living Center’s menu for the coming months. The favorites were the BBQ meatballs, enchilada casserole and the “Chef’s Pride” meatloaf. A myriad of casino games were available courtesy of the Elk’s Club of Casper. The Black Jack and Texas Hold’em tables were popular amongst the crowd but the most money was won at the Craps Table. Excited residents and guests cheered on one particular resident who won more than $10,000 at the table. The Roulette Wheel was active and lucky for those betting on red but green took all their money back spawning jeers and cat calls. The night ended with plenty of smiles and laughter from the great food and games enjoyed by all. It’s a sure bet that Poplar Living Center and Garden Creek Rehabilitation will host another Casino Night in the future. *Poplar Living Center*, 4305 S Poplar St., Casper, WY 82601 #news #sponsored #oilcity