Council members take a look at the fees of use for the Casper Municipal Golf Course

(Casper, Wyo.) - Casper City Council will meet tonight at Casper City Hall at 6:00 pm for its public meeting. The council will establish a February date to renew liquor licenses and the next meeting on December 15th host a public hearing for consideration of authorizing an Aaplication to the Wyoming Business Council’s Community Enhancement Grant Program for $500,000 to be be used to fund river restoration construction projects. At tonight's meeting, the board will listen to the public and consider the Annexation Compliance with Title 15, Chapter 1, Article 4 of the Wyoming State Statutes to Determine if the Annexation of the Betty Luker Parkway Campus. The consent items include, establishing fees of use for the Casper Municipal Golf Course, approving a Contingency and Development Agreement for the Development of a Public Plaza in Downtown Casper, between the Downtown Development Authority, the Economic Development Joint Powers Board, and the City of Casper as well as Authorizing a Contract with Forte’ Events, Inc., for Professional Services for the 2017 Eclipse Fest, in an amount not to exceed $275,300. See the full agenda below. [image: dec1.PNG] [image: dec2.PNG] [image: dec3.PNG] #oilcity #news